When getting ready in the morning, we could all do with an easy skincare routine to follow. As a busy mum, I definitely need something quick and simple.

I have recently made changes to the skincare products I use, and now have new skincare essentials that I use daily.

My new morning skincare routine only has 4 products that are quick and easy to use, and smell great.



I start with cleansing my face using Angels on Bare Skin from Lush. Ground almonds, lavender and rose are it’s main ingredients. So not only does it smell lush, it exfoliates and calms the skin in one. It’s a solid cleaner that you have to massage in to a paste before rubbing onto the skin. Then you simply wash it off with warm water and pat the skin dry. I like to use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water to just wipe of any left over cleanser before drying the skin, which gives my face another light exfoliation too.



I then tone with the Pore Minimising Tonic from Your Good Skin. It helps me wipe away any left over grime, without being too harsh on the skin. I just use a cotton pad, though I am keen to explore reusable pads to cut down on some of my waste this year.



I love the Skin Balancing Concentrate from Your Good Skin. I use this before I moisturise just to even out any imbalances in my skin. I’ve found that since adding this in to my routine, I have had less dry patches on my face. I just use two pumps and massage it in to my skin.



I then moisturise using the Vitamin Enriched Face Base from Bobbi Brown. I love this moisturiser as it has Shea Butter in which leaves the skin plumped and cushioned. It leaves a great base for make up, or just a matte look for those make up free days.


And that’s it! How quick and easy does that sound? I’ve filmed the routine for my YouTube channel so you can see how simple it is. I’ll link the video below so it’s easy for you to watch too!



Let me know if you have any tips for making your morning skincare routine quick and easy. And also, if you have any products that you can’t live without and think I should check out.


Little Big Love


Rebecca xx


Disclaimer: I was sent the Your Good Skin products last year as part of their #28daychallenge to review on Instagram. All opinions about the products are entirely my own and not influenced by the fact that they were gifted to me. I continue to use the products several months on, without incentive to do so. 

Hi Guys,

It’s well known by anyone who knows me that love and romance isn’t really my thing. This time of year only heightens my nausea about all things lovey dovey … Valentine’s, Yuck!

Contrast to reports from my dear mother, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do actually like my husband. He’s so sweet it’s annoying. He’s the best dad in the word to Little, who’s loves him so much it infuriates me because I do everything for that child! And, unfortunately he is a looker – a chubby mix of Tom Hardy, Olly Murrs and in some lights and angles Brad Pitt*. So I feel obliged to get him a little something to show my affection.


Trying to decide…

Usually, as default for Valentine’s, I consider getting him a card and letting him have the TV remote for the evening. If I have to go above and beyond once in a while, I think about getting him something that he thinks is for him but really it’s more for mutual benefit.  Now my first thought was to get something for the kitchen, but a new chopping board is a little bit cold for even me. Plus he’d tell his mother and I would be judged significantly by her.

I had to fight the impulse to straight out ask him what he wanted, or to get him to order something himself which I may consider paying him back for. So I opted for ordering something online and waiting 3-5 working days for something to, hopefully, show up on time.


I’ve got it…

So what do I get his stupid hairy face? Hairy? His Beard! So I rifle through the en suite I find what he using…stuff called Beardpoo. Beardpoo? I know why he bought this, I married a MANCHILD!

After doing some instagramming (because that’s how I Google now), low and behold Beardpoo are there and they’ve only got a ruddy Valentine’s Day special pack.  I love it when a plan comes together. The pack is the beard shampoo, moisturiser, love hearts and some red…beard…glitter! My husband, the big nerd, is going love that. He just better not leave red glitter all over the carpets or leave it in the shower!



The kit says it will tackle beardruff and soften the hair. So on the odd occasion when I have to show affection and kiss the boy. it won’t feel like I’m making out with a Brillo pad. Okay I may be exaggerating for effect on that last point but you know what I mean.

The company also give a decent amount of profit away to a charity that helps prevents male suicide. Plus it’s not too dear, though not inexpensive enough for me to be called a ‘tight git’


So he’s getting one of these. Even though it doesn’t really matter because I’ll make a card with Little for him, which he will definitely love more because he’s a massive soppy puppy dog.

So there you have it. I made some effort for Valentine’s Day. Don’t go telling me I’m not romantic.


*he looks like Brad when he’s stubbly, when he was younger and if you close one eye and squint with the other.


Little Big Love


Rebecca xx


P.S. Can you tell that my husband had a hand in writing this post in exchange for some samples from the company? All opinions are our own and Big honestly loves the Beardpoo products he’s tried. He also scores points for putting effort in to writing. Maybe we can make it a team blog!

I have spent this year so far trying to narrow down my skincare essentials. I have always been a bit lax in the skincare department and have found my skin has suffered for it. Uneven dry patches, blackheads and random spots are the norm that I want to change.

New Skincare Routine

I’ve tried some new cleansers and brought back some old ones too. The plan is to use them more regularly and start a proper morning and evening routine that I religiously stick to. I have actually managed it *most* days so far this year.

If you want to find out more about the products I’m loving, head on over to my youtube channel to watch the video.

I’d love to hear more about you skincare essentials, so comment below with anything you can’t live without.

Little Big Love

Rebecca xx

Has anyone else got a toddler that is a little bit feral? Little knows how to use a spoon and fork, but most of the time prefers to just pick food up and shovel it in to her mouth. This means meal times in our house can get a bit messy!

So when I had the opportunity to try out some of the fantastic products from Messy Me , I jumped at the chance.


The Messy Tunic (Dusty Pink Dots £9.50)

The tunic bib is fantastic. The first thing that hit me when I opened up the packet was how well made it was. You can see the seams and edging have been sewn brilliantly and I have no doubt that it is a product made to last. The fabric is so pretty and the soft dusty pink colour is girly, without being too over the top.

I decided to put it to the test at tea time and it managed to keep my little messy one clean. It’s long enough to collect food dropped in her lap, which is where most of her food ends up some days.

Recently, we decided to do some sensory play and it was easy for her to wear and protected her clothes well. I usually use long sleeved bibs, but I found that, as long as Little’s sleeves were rolled up, the lack of arms wasn’t an issue.

The Messy Mat (Soft Grey Stars £24.00)

I never realised quite how handy a floor mat was until I tried this. Food being dropped all over the floor is a regular occurance these days. Cleaning it up isn’t so straight forward when it’s beans or something else mushy, but I just tend to get on with it and get the wipes out.

Being able to just lift up the mat and tip everything in to the bin was a revelation. I could then just wipe it clean and fold it up ready for the next meal time. No having to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the floor! Little is also a bit of a monkey for throwing her cup on the floor. We’ve tried the no spill cups and she still manages to throw them with enough force to create a splash. I love the way the mat caught all the water – a quick wipe with a towel and it was gone.

It also came in really handy for some sensory play too. I could spread out the inside of a pumpkin, without worrying that the floor would become a sticky, gungy mess. And again, I could just wipe it clean afterwards.

The mat is made from the same great wipe clean material as the tunic bib, but doesn’t have any edging sewn along the edges like the bib does. However, with the mat being laid on the floor and not strapped to a wriggly little one, this isn’t really an issue.



Overall, I’m really pleased with the products and would definitely recommend them.

Do you have a messy little one? What do you use to make sure the clean up is as easy as possible? 


Little Big Love

Becky xx


Disclaimer: Although I was sent these items in exchange for a review, my opinions are honest and based on what I have experienced.

Recently I’ve been loving adding to my baby name list. No, we’re not expecting again any time soon, but we would love another baby in the future so I keep collecting them! I have a huge list of baby names but these are my 5 current favourite girls names.

1 | Edith

I love how it can be shortened to Edie for a little one, but can still grow with them. I like traditional names and think this would go well with Little’s name.

2 | Flora

An old uni friend called their little girl Flora and I’ve loved it since then. It’s not a name you hear often but is very pretty.

3 | Olive

Now this is a strange one for some people as Olivia seems to be more accepted, but I just love the name Olive!

4 | Fearne

I seem to have an old Radio 1 DJ theme going on with Edith and Fearne don’t I! But I think the name is so sweet. I think with Little’s name we could go for a plant theme?!

5 | Isabella Grace

Now I know this is two names but I think I’d have to have these two together – not double barrelled, just a first and middle name. They go well together. I love that a girl could choose a nickname like Izzy or Bella for themselves when they’re older.


What girls names do you love? Do you have a baby name list or am I the only crazy one that keeps one?!


Little Big Love

Becky xx