Today I’ve hit week 24. Where has the time gone?!

I had been feeling much better over the past few weeks, apart from some ligament pain and trouble sleeping, but then at the weekend the dreaded cold struck!

Usually with a cold I’d dose up with meds and carry on with life, but with baby on board meds are a no go so dealing with a cold has been pretty grim! A couple of days off work and I am pretty much on the mend now but it’s been tough going. Baby has been wiggling around happily so he/she seems content enough in there!

Tummy is growing slowly. Honestly, it depends what I’m wearing, but I have a found a great dress in my wardrobe that makes me look nice and pregnant and would wear it everyday if I could!
Baby was the size of a Barbie doll last week and the size of an Atlantic puffin this week! Not sure how accurate the sizing is but love to see what random things will pop up next!

Image from Ovia pregnancy app

We have purchased a few things over the last few weeks. Here’s a some bits so far:

  • I had been considering cots in my last post and, although we found loads we liked, for now we have ended up with a second hand cot at £20. I plan to use some Annie Sloan Paris Grey, which is totally safe for babies, and buy a new mattress and bedding. We haven’t collected it yet but I like a good project.
  • As I’ll likely be combination feeding we decided to buy a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine as we’d read and watched some great reviews and it was a great price in the Asda baby event.
  • I have also ordered a baby bouncer. I really wanted the M&P (think I have a bit of an obsession with them!) Starlite Swing but couldn’t justify spending so much when we have lots left to buy! So we decided to go for the M&P (surprise, surprise) Buzz Bouncer 

Nothing much else to report really. Lots more to sort, buy and organise, but we’ve got plenty of time right?!

Becky xx


As I mentioned in my pram post, there is so much choice when it comes to baby things! However, with us not finding out the sex of the baby it does narrow it down a little. 

When choosing our pram we saw some gorgeous nursery furniture sets in Mamas and Papas, but some of them were a little expensive!  

Images from Mamas and Papas website


You can really go crazy when it comes to buying for baby, but we are on a budget and need to rein it in a little. It doesn’t help that the hubby has expensive tastes – it’s a good job I am sensible! 

When searching online, I’ve found some really lovely sets. Another one we liked was the Mamas and Papas Rocco at Argos. Which was great value at about £349 but has now gone back up to £799!!  

Image from Argos website  

I’ve also found some lovely bits at Mothercare, which has some great deals at the moment . I love this chair but unfortunately it definitely wouldn’t fit in the room we have earmarked.  


I also like this set from IKEA.  

Image from IKEA website    

Colour wise we are going grey (as we have paint left over from decorating our living room!) And I have seen some nice bedding and curtain sets that would look great for either boy or girl (although I’m still convinced there is a boy in there!)

Images from Mamas and Papas website/taken myself at Next Lincoln. 

So many decisions to make that I want to get right for our little bean. 

What have been your best nursery buys? Any must haves, especially for a small room?

Becky xx

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I love a good sale! 

When it comes to clothing sales (unless it is Next – my favourite of all the sales) I sometimes spend ages looking, put loads in my basket, then change my mind, but this time I decided I would actually click the payment button! 

I actually went with 3 really boring purchases but the pregnant lady in me got really excited when they arrived today! 

My favourite purchase was some black, under bump maternity jeans. I wish I had got them in more colours now as they are so comfy!   

An oh-so-practical elastic waistband under my not so bumpy bump

I also ordered some under bump leggings but they are so long they are all wrinkly! 


Sticking with the black theme, I ordered a bump band in the hope I can keep wearing some of my normal tops, without showing skin when they get too short. I did think when I got it I could just wear long vests instead of this weird boob tube contraption (that doesn’t actually cover the boobs!) but it was only £3.50 and I love a bargain! 


So, like I said, the most boring sale purchases ever! I might just have to go in search of some more exciting things to buy now! 

Becky xx

…baby! We had decided we didn’t want to find out and we are sticking with our choice (even though I am curious!)

So we are Team Yellow all the way.   Cannot wait to find out in May. 

I was pretty nervous this morning and, as I hadn’t felt little Freddie move since my routine night time toilet trip, I couldn’t help but worry. Hubby kept telling me baby was sleeping but I’m sure it’s totally natural to be worried before a scan. 

When we got to the hospital there were already lots of people waiting and a sign to say there were system issues this morning and waiting times may be longer than usual. I didn’t mind, but my very full bladder did! After holding it in for what seems like days, we got called in and as the sonographer scanned we could see a little beating heart 😊

She talked us through each part in so much detail and I was amazed by the beauty of the spine and little foot 😍


 Although I only have a tiny bump, the baby is measure perfectly. Apparently I have strong stomach muscles holding it all in – I hope that means after birth my tummy will return to its nice flat state?! 

I feel like we can now start to think nursery and buying baby things. Exciting times ahead! 

Becky xx

Hello to all the new followers I seem to have accumulated over the last 2 days. If I’d have realised blogging about Lush stuff would cause such a frenzy I’d have included more along the way! 😊

For those who are new to the blog, get used to a lot of random posts. Yes some beauty will pop up, but at the moment a lot of baby related posts will also fit in the mix as it is pretty important in my life at the moment! Hope you enjoy a bit of my life and the randomness that lives inside my head! 

As its sale time and we are now officially half way through the pregnancy, me and hubby thought we would go and look at some prams! It’s such a big purchase that we want to get right, but honestly had no idea where to start. I’d love it if someone could just tell us which one to get! 

After looking in the Internet, talking to friends and stalking pram pushers in the high street to read the brand in the side of prams I liked, we had a few ideas on some we’d like to look at. 

We took a little trip to Toys R Us, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare, thinking Mamas and Papas would be a quick pit stop as weren’t bowled over by there products for the prices they charge! But we fell I love with one from their range 😍

The Armadillo Flip XT travel system. Amazing! We felt that at £720 for the bundle it was a good value sale offer for the spec. But we are total newbies so might be completely wrong! 

It seems so much more stylish (less alien spaceship type than some!) and better quality than others. Although I like the real, I think the navy looks a bit more classic and is hubby’s favourite too. I had originally thought I wanted a Silver Cross but the one we tried looked and felt very cheap. 


The ideal would be an Uppababy Vista and although we haven’t tried it, it seems perfect! But it stretches the budget a little too far 😬

So what to buy? We are leaning towards putting out deposit down at Mamas and Papas at the weekend unless something else pops up between now and then. 

Any recommends on great travel systems that are value for money but have great style as well? 

Anything we should definitely avoid? 

Becky xx