As I missed a family Christmas for the first time ever this year, new year had to be a family affair. Rather than going out, spending far too much and getting fed up after about 2 hours we decided on a party at my auntie’s house.

We started with a 99p breakfast at our local cafe – it might be cheap but it’s tasty and has everything you want from a big fry up including my favourite fried treat, a hash brown! With our breakfasts demolished we went to get some food and drink for the evening. After fitting in a little bit of shopping, as I can never resist a little trip to H&M, we had to head home and get ready.

As it was a house party I didn’t want my make up to look too heavy. I went with my all time favourites to create something subtle but pretty. I know what suits me and have a routine I’m happy with so I aimed to bring the new year in with a look I have perfected (if I do say so myself!)

image image image

I used my all time favourite primer Benefit Porefessional and then used my Real Techniques sponge to apply my favourite foundation for coverage and finish Georgio Armani Luminous Silk. Whilst this foundation is on the expensive side I was happy to splurge a little as it is so good. It photographs amazingly well, leaves a smooth finish and builds to give great coverage.


I then went on to contour and blush. I have been experimenting and with contouring over the past few months and although I am not amazing at it I think I am getting better. With a bit of practise I’m able to see more of a contour and less of a ‘face looks like it needs a wash’ look! And although I said this look was done with my favourite existing products I cheated a little here as I was gifted the Naked Flushed palette for Christmas but I used the products in the same way I use my old favourite from Collection and No7. 


My all time favourite look for my eyes comes from the Naked2. I used Foxy, Bootycall, Tease and Half Baked. Some of my favourite colours in the palette. I also used my Sleek brow stylist in Dark 718 and Max Factor 2000 Calorie in Rich Black.


Just my lips to go. As they are incredibly dry I used my Lypsyl Original before applying my Sleek Eau La La Liner in Lingere 294 to line then fill my lips. I find that once my lipstick starts to rub off I still have a good colour underneath if I cover my lips in liner too. Over the liner I added my Bourjois Rouge Edition in Beige Trench for a bit of colour.


Once ready we headed round to the party we added our princess crowns and the party could begin. After a few ciders, as I’m a classy bird, and some nibbles the games were in full swing. The night flew by with a lot of laughs, selfies, fireworks and singing that was very loud and out of tune. I can’t think of a better way to see in the new year than surrounded by the people you love.


I don’t make resolutions as I find I struggle to stick to them but after a year filled with wedding prep and the day of my dreams I hope this year brings bigger and better things and that me, my family and all you lovely readers will be healthy and happy. What do you hope the new year holds for you? Let me know if you use any of the products or any similar that I might like to try, along with your big plans for the new year. You know where the comment box is! 🙂

Although I have a post planned about my New York visit I am the queen of procrastination and thought I’d post about my bounty today instead. One of my most popular posts has been my boots haul so hope you enjoy another little delve into my shopping bag!

I have been reading with envy as other bloggers have opened up their beauty advent calendars this year so I got all giddy when one of my favourite bloggers Dream Days mentioned this week on her Facebook page that she had found the Ciate one on sale in TK Maxx. I headed down to see if I could get my hands on one for myself and found the last one on the shelf at the bargain price of £12 😍

As always happens I can never only buy one thing so I obviously ended up with other bits in my basket.

Their were some great bargains, particularly on make up and I got a new waterproof Max Factor mascara for £3 and a new Rituals eyeshadow for the bargain price of £1. I wore them for tea at the pub tonight but I forgot to take a pic as I was too excited for food!

I also, randomly, got a Filofax. For work I keep an online diary that syncs to my phone so I have no real need for one but I have always wanted one. It is a little leather beauty that looks lovely in my new Michael Kors bag from New York. Did I mention I went to New York?

I also landed this cute free canvas bag once I got to the till as well. Love a good bargain 😊

What Christmas bargains have you picked up in the sales this year? Have you got the calendar and have a favourite shade?

Becky xx






So the blog has been a bit quiet over the past few weeks but I do have a good excuse … I’ve been on honeymoon! I had planned to schedule some posts for the festive period but with getting gifts ready for before we left (last and packing and sorting for the our trip to NEW YORK (😍) I didn’t get chance.

I am absolutely shattered after very little sleep on an overnight flight and a packed day fitting in last minute sight seeing on Sunday. I’ll post properly about the trip and the mega shopping binge we went on in the next couple of days but for now I’d like to wish you all happy holidays. Hope everyone got everything the wished for from Santa and have fab things planned for new year.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the trip. Don’t be too jealous 😄







My nails have been quite a feature of the blog since I started it. I used to have lovely long nails that were quite strong and as I said in an earlier post I ruined them with gel overlays 😞 I have been searching for a long lasting gel polish and although I loved the colour of my Barry M Gelly it cracked really quickly. The lovely festive nail polish I posted about last week ended up lumpy and smudged as I have to admit I am terrible at painting my nails! But Maybelline are my nail saviours 💅 I used the 7 day wear in Extreme Blackcurrant with my Save the Nail base coat and top coat and they look like they have been done by a pro! My cousin even asked me earlier where I’d had them done. Let’s hope this does what it says on the tin and lasts more than a day before I’ve chipped half of it off!



One of my favourite places to shop on the high street has to be Boots. I always go in there for one thing and come out with ten! This week I went in for a nail varnish and then spied  lots of other offers and new bits I wanted to try.

While looking for my perfect shade of nail varnish I passed by the make up brushes section and as always there was a great offer on Real Techniques. I said in a previous post I wanted to try an eye shadow brush so decided I would go for it and got the shading brush, which I have since found out is the perfect size for applying shadow to my crease. Result! I also decided to get a new beauty blender as my old one is on its last legs and when I got the new one out of the packaging I realised how disgusting the old one actually was!

On the way to the make up section I then had to pass the hair products and saw a Babyliss teasing brush that I hadn’t noticed before. I have been fed up of my hair going flat too quickly recently so decided to invest. Best decision ever! I used it for the first time yesterday and my hair is still nice and big this morning.

I finally managed to get to the make up counters and saw some of the new Collection Lasting Gel colours. After being slightly disappointed with the Barry M gelly chipping quite quickly I thought I would give these a go and see how it compared. Shade wise I was looking for something festive so went for the Vixen Red (3) and Goldfinger (16) and I have not been disappointed with the result. I think the gold is a winner for me so let’s hope they last! I have used my Save the Nail top coat again so if this polish chips it may be time to try another top coat. It was spend £5 and get a free lip butter so got the lip butter in Cappuccino to try.


Once I got to the till I got a voucher for a free Benefit primer. I love Porefessional so got very excited but once I got to the counter I was told they had run out. Boo 🙁 I have two already so can’t complain too much but it always nice to get something free.

What shop do you always go a little crazy in? Have you tried any of these products or love anything similar? Please comment below and let me know.