After trying the Save the Nail Repair and Rescue Treatment and being a little disappointed I decided to give some of the other products a go that I bought while they were 3 for 2 at Boots recenty.

I chose the Toughen Up Base Coat and the 45 Second Top Coat in the hope that they would help make my nails stronger and my polishes last longer so I wouldn’t have to have gel nails done again. I also got a Barry M Gelly in Almond. I picked it as it was almost the shade I had for my wedding and love it.


After filing and polishing my nails with my new 6 in 1 buffer I applied the base coat which dried really quickly. It left a really shiny, smooth base. I chose to apply two coats of the polish as I managed to smudge and chip about 3 of my nails on the first coat! The colour looked amazing and seemed a lot thicker than the standard polishes. I hope this means it will last longer than a day or two that I usually get out of polish.

Once the polish had been on a couple of minutes I couldn’t wait to try the top coat and see if it really did try that quick! I applied one thin layer and gave it a minute then braced myself to see if it was touch dry and it was 😍Amazing stuff – I can’t wait to see how long it lasts 🙂


Now to buy more Barry M Gellys! Why not comment with some of the colours you love 🙂

Life is good. A few months ago, caught in the stress of work, wedding planning and life I didn’t think I would be saying it but it is true. If you believe life is rubbish it will be so. If you walk round with a smile on your face telling yourself it will be ok then life will get better! My aim is to do the latter and for the last few days it has worked. Here’s to a good life!

Little Big Love

Becky xx

PS Look out for posts reviewing some new nail varnish and about cleaning my make up brushes over the next few days.

Thanks for reading – smile, go on, it will make you feel great

About 4 weeks ago I had gel overlays on my nails at my local salon. I had tried gel polish with them before but it cracked really badly so they said the gel overlays would be better as they were thicker. HUGE mistake! The polish cracked after a few days and when I went to get it removed my nails took a beating as they soaked them and then scraped off the gel. Over the last couple of weeks most of my nails have broken off and peeled really badly. Then I bought Repair & Rescue Treatment by Save the Nail and it has quickly become my new favourite product. I wish I had a taken a photo of my nails before I first applied it but in two days they already look stronger and healthier. I have to apply it every day for 7 days, remove, then start the process again until they look repaired and rescued!

My poor nails :( This is after two days using the Repair and Rescue Treatment and they already look better :)

My poor nails 🙁 This is after two days using the Repair and Rescue Treatment and they already look better 🙂

Nail heaven in a bottle!

Nail heaven in a bottle! Currently 3 for 2 at boots which I’m not going to lie is one of the reasons I chose it but so glad I did!

*UPDATE* I thought I would update this after using the treatment for 7 days.

I don’t actually thin the treatment made a huge difference to my nails so I am a little disappointed, however it does say to repeat the process so maybe if I were to apply it again they would get stronger.

So for a while I have been reading blogs and watching youtube channels thinking that it is something I would like to do. Today is the day I start my journey of online blogging!

What sort of blog is this? A bit of everything! I love to read beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs and want this to echo some of my favourites, while showing you who I am and what I am about. My life is hectic with a full-time role in a school but I don’t want this to be about work, I want it to be about life. I also want others to shape what the blog is about so requests for posts and discussions will be more than welcomed.

One thing I would ask is that, although I appreciate constructive criticism as a way of developing, please be kind! If you don’t like something then there is a simple solution – stop reading 🙂 That being said I welcome peoples’ views and hope to meet some new and interesting people along the way!