Anyone that knows me is well aware of my addiction to Emma Bridgewater. So, seeing as we were (almost) passing recently, it would have been rude not to pay a visit to the factory.

Tea Room

When we got there it was absolutely rammed because it was half term. A great start to our child free night away – a place full of kids! We decided to attempt to find somewhere to sit and have a treat in the cafe and, after a bit of searching, we managed to find a seat tucked away at the back near the loos!

I decided on a latte and brownie and Big chose a (very strong) coffee and scone. Everything comes out in gorgeous, mismatched Emma Bridgewater pottery. Big’s scone (is it s-gone or s-cone?!) was really tasty but annoyingly my brownie was so dry! Like, sand in the mouth, spitting out crumbs dry! I love brownies but all can be forgiven when surrounded by all the pretties!


Factory Shop

After our cafe stop we had a walk through to the shop. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! So much beauty that I could add to my collection. I could have spent a fortune, if we had money to spend, but managed to restrain myself. I say I did, Big helped reign me in a little! There are two shops at the factory. The gift shop and factory store. I chose some bits for myself from Big and Little for Christmas, and also managed to find a special set to buy Little too.

Having spent up we decided (Big decided) that it was time to leave before I saw anything else! This was the latest of a few visits and I love it at the factory, although Big doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do!

What is your obsession? Does your other half appreciate it as much as you do? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx

As you’ll probably have noticed, my #blogtober16 posts have been somewhat lacking this past week!

After a hectic weekend with our hospital visit and a couple of KIT (keeping in touch) days at work, my time to sit down and write some scheduled posts have gone out of the window! 

As I said in my inside my fridge post, I am not the best housewife so any change to routine really throws me out. I’ve been chasing my tail catching up with housework and trying to contain a cheeky 7.5 month old who has now taken to rolling everywhere and is attempting to crawl! 

I’ve loved taking part in blogtober, and do plan on writing some posts around a couple of the left over prompts, but for now I’m out. Such a shame as I was determined to get one of those large chocolate bars that Hex Mum promised! 

I know that having started something I should really be finishing it. One of Mrs Meldrum’s rules for vlogging, which definitely applies here, is to do what you say you’re going to do. So I do feel a little like I’ve failed, but we are all human! Does that cut it as an excuse?! 

If you’ve been living under a rock this month and haven’t noticed #blogtober16, click in the button to have a look at some of the more successful blogger posts. 


Now my days are getting back to normal I’m planning a few reviews, but I’d like to know what others want to see. Leave a comment below of there’s a post you’d really like to see from Little, Big and Me. 
Little Big Love

Becky xx

I like to think as parents Big and I are quite relaxed. I’m not sure that most people that know me would agree with that as I’m very careful with her, but we went through a lot after Little’s premature birth and it taught us how to cope with her not being well. 

After Little had been born, we spent nearly 7 weeks in hospital with her before we could come home. We saw her under go all sorts of procedures and tests, and covered in wires. It was the worst time of our lives, but the best time getting to see how she thrived. 

She’s had little bugs and colds since coming home but nothing major. The one thing we have had to really consider has been her umbilical hernia. 

An umbilical hernia is where the hole from the umbilical cord doesn’t heal properly so the bowel pops through it and the baby ends up with an extra large outie belly button that is filled with gurgling bowels! 

We have been vigilant with it but as it’s never bothered her we’ve just got on with it. Until this weekend! 

On Saturday we noticed it was larger than usual and she had become really distressed. I wondered if she was hungry so tried to feed her but she refused food and her bottle, which in not like our little piggy! I often feel the hernia when she’s distressed to check it’s ok but when I touched it she screamed and cried more. We decided the go up to A&E, as we’d been told to by her consultant if she was displaying symptoms like these. After what seemed like an age and jumping the queue due to how much she was crying at one point, we were seen by a Dr. They tried to take bloods from her heel but couldn’t get much so we were sent up to the children’s ward. They fitted her with a cannula, which I had to cover with a sock because she wouldn’t stop sucking it! They then took her bloods. Throughout all of this she was so brace and the distractions calmed her down. Luckily the bloods were ok but the Paediatrician was still not happy. After a long wait, where we managed to settle her to sleep, we were sent to our nearest children’s hospital an hour away to be seen by a surgeon. Once we got there and had some checks we managed to get her to sleep again while we waited. 

Holding on to Big ❤️ She was so quiet and cuddly that we knew she wasn’t well as she’s not normally like that! When the surgeon came to see us she was so relaxed that he was able to push the hernia back in with his fingers. He explained that it may have been that more bowel popped out than usual, causing her to be more uncomfortable and tender. We were so glad that everything was ok! The hernia popped straight back out but because it was soft and back to its normal size it was fine. We were able to leave straight away so we drove home in the dark, where Little had her first bottle since that morning and settled in her cot. Big and I collapsed into bed after the usual sterilising routine and we all slept until morning, even Little who is a terrible sleeper! 

Has anyone experienced an umbilical hernia? How long did it take for it to disappear? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx

Today’s prompt was to write a timeline of my day. When I started jotting it down I realised how different each day was, but how we still try to keep to the same routine. This is how most of our days pan out…

6.30am – I get woken by my alarm, you know the one that comes through the baby monitor! Usually she’s just having a shout so I either leave her to wriggle in her cot for a while or bring her in to bed for a sleepy cuddle.

7.00am – 8.00am – Take Little downstairs to change her and have some playtime. She’s always really happy in the mornings and we get lots of smiles. I make a cup of tea for myself while I prep her breakfast. I feed Little then attempt to drink my, now freezing cold, tea.

8.30am – Once I’ve mopped up all the sick, change Little and have some playtime.

9.00am – Clean up more sick. Tears. Attempt playtime to distract her from crying. She can be a grumpy little madam!

10.30am – Nap time for Little. On a good day I can get her down in her cot for her nap. On a tear my hair out day I have to hold her as every time I attempt to put her down she wakes up! I sometimes attempt a hot cuppa here and some breakfast too if I’m lucky.

11.30am – Dinner time for Little. She eats some sort of pureed/mashed fruit or veg, toast or half an Ella’s Kitchen pouch.

12.30-3.30pm – A repeat of the morning. Change of clothes, mopping up sick, tears and a nap. I might tidy up, try and eat and scroll through social media if I can set her down to play on her own. On a good day she’ll go nap for an hour or two and I get some much needed freedom!

4.00pm – Tea time. More mashed veg, another Ella’s pouch or a new Babease pouch which she now loves! 

4.30-6.30pm – It’s like Groundhog Day as it’s a repeat of the rest of the day. Sick, tears and distracting her with toys!

6.30pm – Bathtime for Little. She usuall  has bath time with Big and it’s lovely to see her smiling away while she spends time with him. The bath aftermath is not so lovely as she hates getting dry and changed so we have a screaming child that wriggles round like a bloody octopus!

7.00pm – Bottle for Little and, if she isn’t too cranky for Big, I might just get to watch Emmerdale. As part of our bed time routine, Little goes down to bed after her bottle. She usually settles well. Unless it’s a Wednesday when Big goes to football and its my turn to do bed time. Then she fights sleep and I miss Emmerdale 🙁

8.00pm – Big and I will sit down to eat and watch some telly. Bottles get sterilised and a little tidy round. After a full on day its nice to spend some quality time together. Both sitting on the sofa on our phones ignoring each other!

9.30pm – Usually too tired to function so end up in bed!

1.00-2.00am – Little wakes for feed. On a good night she’ll go straight down and I’ll get some beauty sleep. On a not so good night she’ll be up 2-3 more times before breakfast.

That’s a typical day. Some days we go out, some days we stay in, most days we just muddle through until bed time!

What does your day look like? Any tips with essential parts of your routine that make your day run smoother?

Little Big Love

Becky xx

I used to write my posts on another blog but I was never happy with the name. I started off as Becky’s Place as it was my place to write all about what made me tick. But, it just wasn’t catchy enough for me and never felt right. 

When I became a mum I wanted to blog more seriously. I wanted to connect with other parents and share experiences. I decided the old blog was just too disjointed and wouldn’t represent me as a mum, so I decided to launch something new.

I played around with a lot of names but I finally settled on Little, Big and Me as that’s what life is all about. Me and my family.

I take so many pictures of us that I could literally share hundreds more, but this is us. My Little, Big and Me. 

What was the inspiration for your blog name? Have you ever changed/thought about changing it? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx