Today’s prompt was to write a timeline of my day. When I started jotting it down I realised how different each day was, but how we still try to keep to the same routine. This is how most of our days pan out…

6.30am – I get woken by my alarm, you know the one that comes through the baby monitor! Usually she’s just having a shout so I either leave her to wriggle in her cot for a while or bring her in to bed for a sleepy cuddle.

7.00am – 8.00am – Take Little downstairs to change her and have some playtime. She’s always really happy in the mornings and we get lots of smiles. I make a cup of tea for myself while I prep her breakfast. I feed Little then attempt to drink my, now freezing cold, tea.

8.30am – Once I’ve mopped up all the sick, change Little and have some playtime.

9.00am – Clean up more sick. Tears. Attempt playtime to distract her from crying. She can be a grumpy little madam!

10.30am – Nap time for Little. On a good day I can get her down in her cot for her nap. On a tear my hair out day I have to hold her as every time I attempt to put her down she wakes up! I sometimes attempt a hot cuppa here and some breakfast too if I’m lucky.

11.30am – Dinner time for Little. She eats some sort of pureed/mashed fruit or veg, toast or half an Ella’s Kitchen pouch.

12.30-3.30pm – A repeat of the morning. Change of clothes, mopping up sick, tears and a nap. I might tidy up, try and eat and scroll through social media if I can set her down to play on her own. On a good day she’ll go nap for an hour or two and I get some much needed freedom!

4.00pm – Tea time. More mashed veg, another Ella’s pouch or a new Babease pouch which she now loves! 

4.30-6.30pm – It’s like Groundhog Day as it’s a repeat of the rest of the day. Sick, tears and distracting her with toys!

6.30pm – Bathtime for Little. She usuall  has bath time with Big and it’s lovely to see her smiling away while she spends time with him. The bath aftermath is not so lovely as she hates getting dry and changed so we have a screaming child that wriggles round like a bloody octopus!

7.00pm – Bottle for Little and, if she isn’t too cranky for Big, I might just get to watch Emmerdale. As part of our bed time routine, Little goes down to bed after her bottle. She usually settles well. Unless it’s a Wednesday when Big goes to football and its my turn to do bed time. Then she fights sleep and I miss Emmerdale 🙁

8.00pm – Big and I will sit down to eat and watch some telly. Bottles get sterilised and a little tidy round. After a full on day its nice to spend some quality time together. Both sitting on the sofa on our phones ignoring each other!

9.30pm – Usually too tired to function so end up in bed!

1.00-2.00am – Little wakes for feed. On a good night she’ll go straight down and I’ll get some beauty sleep. On a not so good night she’ll be up 2-3 more times before breakfast.

That’s a typical day. Some days we go out, some days we stay in, most days we just muddle through until bed time!

What does your day look like? Any tips with essential parts of your routine that make your day run smoother?

Little Big Love

Becky xx

I used to write my posts on another blog but I was never happy with the name. I started off as Becky’s Place as it was my place to write all about what made me tick. But, it just wasn’t catchy enough for me and never felt right. 

When I became a mum I wanted to blog more seriously. I wanted to connect with other parents and share experiences. I decided the old blog was just too disjointed and wouldn’t represent me as a mum, so I decided to launch something new.

I played around with a lot of names but I finally settled on Little, Big and Me as that’s what life is all about. Me and my family.

I take so many pictures of us that I could literally share hundreds more, but this is us. My Little, Big and Me. 

What was the inspiration for your blog name? Have you ever changed/thought about changing it? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx

Well, this is an interesting one as, if you ask my sister, she’d say nothing because we live like students! And in all honesty, she’s not far wrong!

Big and I are really lazy when it comes to shopping and cooking. We tend to decide what we want on the day, pop off to the shop, buy the ingredients and usually throw some other bits in the basket too. Take last night as an example, Big headed out to the shop to buy the ingredients for cheesy Nachos at 8.30pm because we got peckish as we’d not planned something proper for tea. He came back with the ingredients plus a cheesecake and chocolate that we definitely didn’t need!

One thing I had sworn when I became pregnant was that we’d get our sh*t together with food, so that we could bring Little up eating healthily. So far I’ve relied mainly on Ella’s Kitchen pouches, as I know they are healthier than most things I could make her. Her favourite at the moment is their Veggie Lasagne. Don’t get me wrong, she does have fresh fruits and veg purees made by me occasionally, along with toast, pancakes and other bits of food that she can hold, but nowhere near as often as I’d like. I’m so far from the housewife and mum I dreamed of being.

I’d love some tips on how to be more organised!

Who else neglects their fridge and oven? Is it just me who dreams of being the perfect housewife but falls seriously short?

Little Big Love

Becky xx

Another #blogtober16 post today. The prompt was WHAT’S IN YOUR HANDBAG, but being a baby mama I tend to rely on our trusty changing bag!

I have two that I use regularly. A Skip Hop duo that my Auntie bought from Kiddicare, and a beautiful Cath Kidston slim foldaway shopping bag that I got in their sale.

I swap between the two depending on how much I need to cram in there!

I’m very guilty of over packing wherever I’m going so recently I’ve been trying out a new system of little pouches for things so I’m only bringing what I need.

Each one has a theme.

Food: One pouch houses all things food related – bibs, spoons, Ella’s Kitchen pouches and Kiddylicious wafers.

Changing: I have a folding changing mat with an attached pouch to keep wipes and nappies in. This is really handy to take into changing rooms for a quick change instead of juggling the whole bag.

Clothes: The other pouch has clothes in. I have at least one complete outfit change and one babygrow because I have the world’s sickiest baby!

When it’s all in it looks so neat and tidy!

On top of this I also put several muslin cloths in, Sophie the Giraffe and a wooden rattle; to mop up the sick and keep her entertained.

The fab pouches are from the lovely Dolly & Beau, who also makes fantastic baprons (a cross between a bib and an apron) too! Ivy is lucky enough to be a brand rep for her amazing Instagram shop, however all of these were bought before this.

I then have a zip pocket that I keep my things in. Purse, phone, carrier bags and keys are all I need. Moving to a changing bag has helped me to carry light for myself at least!

What do you keep in your changing bag? Have you got any tips to stay organised? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx

I’ve been a naughty blogger! I didn’t schedule my posts so I’m now playing catch up mode! 

I thought that, rather than trying to write 3 separate posts, I’d do a little round up of these days instead. 

Day 11: Favourite Animal

If I’d have done a separate post on this, it would have been a short one as (don’t hate me for this) I’m not an animal lover! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of owning a pet, but the reality doesn’t do it for me! 

I thought I liked cats, but then we cat-sat for Big’s brother. Geoffrey the w**ker cat Big used to call him! He would stare at us, while aiming his poo out of the litter tray and on to the kitchen floor. No cats for us! 

Day 10 and 9: Can’t Live Without and Favourite Movies

These sort of link as the one thing I can’t live without is technology! 

Ok so let me explain that I love my family and Big and Little are the most important things to me, but take away my phone or iPad and I feel lost! 

Part of the technology I couldn’t live without is Netflix on the iPad! I love watching and rewatching films. I can’t really pin down a favourite film as I could watch most things. Any romantic comedy will do it for me. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve watched Just Go With It, The Holiday, Love Actually, and so many more!  

One of the reasons I haven’t updated the blog over the last couple of days is that I’ve tried a little technology free time. I’ve been out and about and it’s actually been really nice. I feel like I’ve missed out on too many updates on Instagram and Twitter though so now to go and catch up….

Little Big Love

Becky xx