As I said in my last post, I would be using Becky’s Place (still not sure I like the name?!) to record some of my IVF journey. I know there are loads of blogs, vlogs (predictive text was adamant that should have been clogs!), websites and IG pages out there, but each journey is different and I think writing it down will help get through it.

Today marks an important day in our journey! Today I take my last cycle suppressant, which means in 3-6 days I’ll be able to start my injections (stims).  That will be the real start to our IVF journey and I can’t wait! I really never thought I’d be this excited by the prospect of stabbing myself with a needle!

We had our injection training on Friday and I was raring to go.

I practised stabbing myself and it was fine but then today I made mistake number 1 (of which I’m sure there will be many more!) I watched youtube videos! For those that have never aimlessly wandered through youtube watching IVF videos (and why wouldn’t you?!), it is a minefield of woman sharing their experiences and showing you their injections. Some women cry, wince in pain, talk about how much it burns, and generally moan about them. I was super positive it would be fine as I had expertly stabbed myself with no pain, now I have been freaked out! I am sure everyone’s experience is different and I know I need to keep my positive attitude and not be swayed, but I am so easily influenced!

IVF Tip #1 – do not watch youtube videos before you start stims!

We are almost there. The journey to our little cub.

Becky xx