Last week I turned 30 and I think I have just about recovered! Not that it was a boozy affair, more so that it was just mega tiring (maybe a sign of getting old!). 

I’ll be honest – in the last few years the thought of turning 30 had terrified me! It just felt old but in the last few months I really started to look forward to it. Leaving my twenties behind, the years where I made some stupid mistakes but also some of the best decisions of my life (see wedding post! 😍), now seems like an opportunity for a new era. I can’t wait for the next chapter in my life that will hopefully centre around more adventures with the hubby, a growing family and a happy career now that I am back on an even keel. 

The celebrations started with two numbered envelopes that led to a meal and comedy show before being whisked off for the weekend with my hubs. His idea was 30 presents throughout the weekend 😍


Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay are two of my favourite places as I have brilliant childhood memories from visits as a kid. I loved the fact that it became a family affair with the surprise (that may or may not have been let out the bag by more than one person!) arrival of the extended family.

Boat trips, long (and steep) walks with some amazing sites and lots of food made for an amazing weekend. This was all topped off with a little get together once we got home with some amazing cake and pressies. 

I felt a little tired and overwhelmed by the end of the weekend and may have ended up a little snappy but I hope my family know how much I loved the weekend and appreciated the effort in organising it all!

You never know what life will throw your way and I can’t wait to find out what the next chapter brings 😊

Becky xx