Everyone has that moment when Christmas starts for them. For some people it’s the day after Halloween when shops fill the shelves with all things Christmas, for others it is December 1st when they put up their tree but for me it is all about walking around in the cold through the beautiful city I live in.

Lincoln Christmas Market signals the beginning of Christmas for me every year. I just love strolling around in the cold, wrapped up in my cosiest winter woollies and smelling all of the amazing food and drink on offer.

Something you must know about me is that I am obsessed with buying Christmas decorations! I love baubles and hanging things of all shapes and sizes and when I see stalls all decked out I must get to the front to see what they have. The hubby swears that I once elbowed a middle aged woman in the face to get through but I am 99% sure that never happened! Yesterday was a good haul of wooden lovelies including a personalised wooden beauty for our first married Christmas.

I also bought myself a nice hot cup of mulled wine to get in to the festive spirit but after one sip I remembered that I cannot stand the taste! Why ruin wine with spices? I try it every year in the hope it will get better but sadly 2014 was not the year!

I love our market tradition and couldn’t think of a better way to start the festive season. What moment tells you that Christmas is coming? Comment below and let me know how you kick off the festive season.