…baby! We had decided we didn’t want to find out and we are sticking with our choice (even though I am curious!)

So we are Team Yellow all the way.   Cannot wait to find out in May. 

I was pretty nervous this morning and, as I hadn’t felt little Freddie move since my routine night time toilet trip, I couldn’t help but worry. Hubby kept telling me baby was sleeping but I’m sure it’s totally natural to be worried before a scan. 

When we got to the hospital there were already lots of people waiting and a sign to say there were system issues this morning and waiting times may be longer than usual. I didn’t mind, but my very full bladder did! After holding it in for what seems like days, we got called in and as the sonographer scanned we could see a little beating heart 😊

She talked us through each part in so much detail and I was amazed by the beauty of the spine and little foot 😍


 Although I only have a tiny bump, the baby is measure perfectly. Apparently I have strong stomach muscles holding it all in – I hope that means after birth my tummy will return to its nice flat state?! 

I feel like we can now start to think nursery and buying baby things. Exciting times ahead! 

Becky xx

After my usual disappearing act I’ve decided it’s been long enough this time and I’m back to update my much neglected blog. I do have a good reason for being missing this time though!

Having started blogging a little about IVF I realise I never gave an update on how it was all going! Well… It worked!

I took two just incase ... then about 5 more just to check! 😁

I took two just incase … then about 5 more just to check! 😁

Knowing it had worked was the best and most worrying feeling ever! Amazing to see 2 pink lines, as we had never had that before, but worrying as so much could happen between that and our appointments up to that 12 week scan. All of the worry sort of sent me in to hibernation mode! I hid away from friends and pretty much went through a cycle of eat, work, sleep, repeat.


I had 2 early scans, one at 6 weeks after a bit of bleeding and emergency hospital visit (all was fine, phew!) and one at 8 weeks before being discharged from the fertility clinic.

8 weeks – looking a bit like a doorman 😂

Strangely, these didn’t make me feel better! I don’t know if it’s a common thing in pregnancy, or if it’s linked to my issues with anxiety, but I couldn’t settle until we had that 12 week scan. However, the sickness that kicked in at just after 8 weeks helped keep my mind at rest a little. So much sickness!! I didn’t realise it was possible to be sick after most meals each day and still function, but I did! I managed with only a couple of days off work and now at 13 and a half weeks I have had to take another due to a permanent headache that has now been in residence for 3 days! The midwifes/doctors assured me I’d feel a lot better after that magical 12 weeks – they were lying! But through all the sickness and headaches I keep thinking that it means the baby is in there, making itself at home, where it will stay until May, when it is born all healthy and beautiful (if a little slimy and gross!)

The 12 week scan was pretty special. I could breathe afterwards, it felt like everything just might work out. We saw a bouncy baby, and I mean bouncy, that did a somersault and wouldn’t stay still! I think I might be in for a lot of kicks when baby gets a bit bigger. I can’t wait – I say that now but when I can’t sleep in a few months I know I’ll regret it 😊


12 weeks and looking like a real (but blurry) baby 😍

So, there’s my update. There’s why the blog had been neglected. I am happy to report that I think I can relax  (a little) about it all now and I plan to blog about the pregnancy experience a bit more over the coming months.

I would love to hear from others in a similar situation as sharing symptoms and advice always makes things easier. Drop me a comment below or an email and I’ll get back to you between having my head in the toilet from the nausea and locking myself in a dark room to rid myself of the headache.

Becky xx

…I like mine fertilised! 

And fertilised eggs we have. 10 of them to be exact. 10 little embryos that are at the one cell stage. I know the odds of them all making it aren’t the best but I’m holding out hope that they will all grow well. 

To get to this point I had to have the eggs collected yesterday. I got to wear the sexiest gown and pink clogs to go down to theatre in before I was sedated!

The socks were from the #ttcluckycharmexchange I mentioned in my last post 😊

I have felt ok since. I didn’t expect to but I have. It’s an unnerving feeling, almost like things are going too well! My mum told me not to worry and just enjoy it but I am a worrier at heart! The only symptoms I’ve had so far are feelings of pressure in my abdomin, particularly when I sit down and some back ache but I think that’s to be expected after having a huge needle stuck up your bits! 😂  
My ovaries are still likely to be swollen for the next couple of weeks, so still got to take it easy. Probably shouldn’t have booked to go to the dentist today then but it’s just as important to look after my teeth as it is my swollen ovaries! 

Our next call about the embryos is Saturday. Hoping they are all going strong 🍀 If they are anything like my weightlifting hubby they will be! 💪🏻

IVF Tip #4 – Prepare to look like a complete dork on egg collection day. Oh and get some quirky socks to make the look even better 😂

Becky xx

I seem to have some pretty good ovaries! They have grown lots of good sized follicles which are ready to go! The nurse told me at my second scan today that she would “eat her imaginary hat” if the egg retrieval wasn’t on Wednesday and low and behold I got the call to say Wednesday is the day! 

When they collect my eggs I’ll be sedated but not completely put to sleep. I’m not worried about it but I’ve never had a light sedation before so hoping I don’t remember any of it! I’ll be wearing my lovely socks given to me as part of my #ttcluckycharmexchange that I found through Instagram. 

Such a thoughtful package from a lovely person I was matched up with 😊

I can’t say I’ve indulged in the love for unicorns that lots of people seem to have at the minute but a bit of magic has got to be good, right? The whole package is so thoughtful and carefully picked out. The Instagram TTC/Infertility community has been so supportive!  

Egg collection gets us closer but there is still no guarantee that we will have our little baby L by the end of it 😕 Got to think positive as much as possible, while still guarding myself if the 48.8% chance of it working doesn’t tip in our favour! I used to think that IVF meant you had a baby. I used to be very naive! 

I had a friend buy me nettle tea as it’s supposed to help with the lining of the uterus and it seems to have worked. Mine is nice and thick and squishy, or so they tell me, which will be perfect for when the fertilised egg is ready to go back in 😊 I’ll admit, when I first made a cup I was slightly put off by the slight scent of wee but you soon get used to it! 😂

IVF Tip #3 – it might smell like wee but drink nettle tea as it works (even if it is a total placebo just go with it and believe!)

Becky xx

You want eggs, you go out and buy some from the shop. I want eggs, I need to inject myself with drugs to make them grow!

I said in my last post I had freaked myself out about the injections a little as I’d watched some YouTube videos, but giving myself the first injection was a doddle! I did it on my own (hubby picked that night for a few too many drinks with his dad and brother!) but in hindsight maybe that was a good thing as I didn’t have any distractions!

7 days of injections later and it’s getting easier. I’m becoming a pro at mixing up the injections but still a little rusty at getting the needle in. Last night I ended up with my first war wound and strangely feel ok with it. I think because it’s the first  outward sign that I’ve been giving myself all these injections.


The only real side effect so far is that the tiredness has been wild! Today I was supposed to be stuffing my face with BBQ food at a friend’s but instead I’ve been laid up binging on Netflix. The clinic have said the tiredness will be bad and that it will probably get worse as the injections go on as my body is on overload. They have recommended I drink plenty of water, which is fine apart from the urge to pee every 5 minutes!

The first scan to check my follicles went well so now to wait until Monday to check them again. Fingers crossed they keep growing 🍀

IVF Tip #2 – always stay near a toilet as you’ll need to pee a lot!

Becky xx