Recently I’ve been loving adding to my baby name list. No, we’re not expecting again any time soon, but we would love another baby in the future so I keep collecting them! I have a huge list of baby names but these are my 5 current favourite girls names.

1 | Edith

I love how it can be shortened to Edie for a little one, but can still grow with them. I like traditional names and think this would go well with Little’s name.

2 | Flora

An old uni friend called their little girl Flora and I’ve loved it since then. It’s not a name you hear often but is very pretty.

3 | Olive

Now this is a strange one for some people as Olivia seems to be more accepted, but I just love the name Olive!

4 | Fearne

I seem to have an old Radio 1 DJ theme going on with Edith and Fearne don’t I! But I think the name is so sweet. I think with Little’s name we could go for a plant theme?!

5 | Isabella Grace

Now I know this is two names but I think I’d have to have these two together – not double barrelled, just a first and middle name. They go well together. I love that a girl could choose a nickname like Izzy or Bella for themselves when they’re older.


What girls names do you love? Do you have a baby name list or am I the only crazy one that keeps one?!


Little Big Love

Becky xx