Am I the only one who signs up for the gym and then, after a few months, decides that I don’t really like exercise and would rather be vegged on the sofa at home?

This time (along with every other time to be honest!) I decided that I would really give the gym a go and stick with it. Luckily I signed up for the gym with a friend and she is great at getting me motivated! Everyone needs that friend who keeps them in check don’t they and I am so glad I’ve found mine 😘  I’ll admit, there are times we ‘go to the gym’ and actually end up in the hot tub and steam room but we have been making the effort to try different classes.

This week my lovely friend signed us up for body pump. So along I went all bright eyed and bushy tailed thinking we’d jump around to a few songs and get a little out of breath. How wrong was I!!

For those who don’t know, body pump is a class based around weightlifting! Now those who know me, or even those who have seen pictures, will know that I am not the most hench of people. In fact you could probably flick me and I’d fall over as my muscle strength is none existent! But, I gave it my all – lifting, squatting, crunching and press ups. You name it we did it! I had to stop a few times but managed to get through to the end without passing out!

Now, as someone who doesn’t lift anything heavier than my phone and the TV remote, it was a massive achievement for me but I am suffering for my effort! I have muscles that ache that I didn’t even know existed! The hubby, who lifts regularly, made sure I had stretched and drank protein but nothing prepared me for the pain I would feel. Not just the next day but the day after too! My arms have been like dead weights and felt like jelly at times but no pain, no gain I guess.

Would I do it again? Hell yes – in fact we’re booked in again for next week 😄

Anyone tried body pump before? Or blindly followed a friend into something new? Give me a shout below and, if you don’t already, give me a follow if you’re interested in how my gym adventure pans out!

Becky xx

I’m not going to lie – sometimes being a teacher has its perks! Regular holidays sometimes mean catching up with work that I didn’t have time for (or maybe couldn’t be bothered to do!) during the term, but sometimes it is time to relax and get away. This time the hubby decided to book the week off work, so we booked a few days away to one of our favourite places – Moddershall Oaks Spa.

After our wedding we went there on a mini-moon and had the most amazing few days. The food in the restaurant is amazing and definitely won over the hubby – what is the saying about food being the way to man’s heart?! We had decided to go back for our first anniversary, but then I got sent an amazing offer that we couldn’t resist so we ended up going a bit sooner.

It is such a relaxing place where the staff are attentive and welcoming. We love the restaurant, particularly the steak that get served with half of it on the plate and the other half in a mini steak pie on the side! The treatments are amazing and I could have fallen asleep on the table after massage! If you visit their website and sign up for the mailing list you will see what I mean about amazing offers!


Another great thing about visiting Moddershall Oaks has to be the fact that the Emma Bridgewatet factory is so close! I have mentioned my love for their pottery before, so you’ll understand how visitng the factory would make my day!
We ate lunch in the cafe, peered through the windows to see the pieces being made and bought a few more bits for my collection. If you haven’t heard of Emma Bridgewater before you must have a look at their website too!


I love that it is as old as me 😊

If you are planning time away with your other half or friend I can’t recommend Moddershall enough. Has anyone been and loved I as much as us? As always drop a comment below

Becky xx

Last week I turned 30 and I think I have just about recovered! Not that it was a boozy affair, more so that it was just mega tiring (maybe a sign of getting old!). 

I’ll be honest – in the last few years the thought of turning 30 had terrified me! It just felt old but in the last few months I really started to look forward to it. Leaving my twenties behind, the years where I made some stupid mistakes but also some of the best decisions of my life (see wedding post! 😍), now seems like an opportunity for a new era. I can’t wait for the next chapter in my life that will hopefully centre around more adventures with the hubby, a growing family and a happy career now that I am back on an even keel. 

The celebrations started with two numbered envelopes that led to a meal and comedy show before being whisked off for the weekend with my hubs. His idea was 30 presents throughout the weekend 😍


Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay are two of my favourite places as I have brilliant childhood memories from visits as a kid. I loved the fact that it became a family affair with the surprise (that may or may not have been let out the bag by more than one person!) arrival of the extended family.

Boat trips, long (and steep) walks with some amazing sites and lots of food made for an amazing weekend. This was all topped off with a little get together once we got home with some amazing cake and pressies. 

I felt a little tired and overwhelmed by the end of the weekend and may have ended up a little snappy but I hope my family know how much I loved the weekend and appreciated the effort in organising it all!

You never know what life will throw your way and I can’t wait to find out what the next chapter brings 😊

Becky xx

Last weekend the hubby and I decided on a day out. After not feeling my best over the last few months it’s been easy to stay in and wallow but I have finally convinced the hubby that we need to get out more so off we went! 

We decided that a day in York would be a nice start as not too far down the A1 and I have great childhood memories of days out there. We didn’t realise that it is actually very similar to the little city we call home, but we enjoyed it all the same. 

After parking in a massive car park in the middle of no where we caught the park and ride bus and got to see the city sights as we wove our way down to our first stop. The hubby is such a rule breaker! 

We then enjoyed a little walk through the town and down The Shambles. 





Before the obligatory pub break where we watched a bearded, fire eating street performer wearing a tutu and workman boots! (Sorry no pics of this one guys, you’ll have to use your imagination!)



We then walked up to York Minster and didn’t pay to get in (paying to get in a big church 😮) but stood and looked at the burning candles and windows. Such a beautiful building.

After a bit of rain that led us in to a fish and chip shop 😋 we headed of to the outlet centre where I spent too much on some trainers, a skirt, top and scarf! 

We had such a great day together we are planning more adventures soon. Where is your favourite day out? Give us some recommendations below that I can add to our list! 

Becky xx 

One of life’s greatest pleasures is drinking a nice, hot cup of tea. Any time of the day, a cuppa can help you relax and unwind. My dad loves to drink it piping hot by slurping it straight from the mug, much to my hubbies distain, but that is another story!

I’m not sure where my obsession with Emma Bridgewater came from but it has grown over the past year. After posting my TK Maxx mini haul this week and mentioning my love for EB, I thought I would share my collection. I know it is a little different from some of my other posts but it is another bit of my world to share. Also The Duchess of Cambridge visited the factory this week so it has the royal seal of approval 🙂

Image from @emma_bridgewater Instagram account

Image from @emma_bridgewater Instagram account

I buy most of my EB from the outlet section of the website as it is a little cheaper and although they are slight seconds they are near perfect and each has a little bit of its own character. TK Maxx stock them sometimes but not often enough for my liking!

I have a range of mugs, cups and a rather lovely wedding plate.



My animal collection. The badger mug was for my hubby who has a random badger love stemming from uni days listening to weird and random YouTube vids like these!




The Mr and Mrs set came from the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke that we went to on the way back from our spa mini moon in October. Loved the factory and how much was on offer so I had to be careful not to spend too much!



I also have a set of Christmas mugs and a lovely set of mini mug candles.



Although my hubby isn’t too keen, my EB collection will continue to grow and is love to get sets of plates, bowls, etc… in the future. But that is for when we settle and become grown ups!

Do you have any collections you love (other than beauty products!)? Does anyone else have a love for EB? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts 😊

Becky xx