When Ivy was born I felt like she would be tiny forever. But here we are, nearly six months down the line, starting to wean her! 

After a disastrous first attempt…

She is now living trying different bits of food. 

She loves sweet potato, peas and carrots. All puréed of course! 

She’s not so sure on butternut squash and sweet potato cooked by her Grandma! 

I’m really enjoying cooking but I’ve also bought some Ella’s Kitchen pouches for if we are out and about at tea time as they are so much easier. 

What did/do you little ones like to eat? What are your tips for successful weaning? Let me know below as I’d love to hear others’ experiences. 

Becky xx

Moving house is such a joy. Said no one ever! Especially. It with a 4 month old baby in tow!

We had definitely outgrown our last house and needed a change so we decided to bite the bullet and out the house on the market. It sold pretty quickly and we had been looking at this one for a while so were so pleased when our offer was accepted.



We’ve started to put our own stamp on it, though there is still lots to do!


I bought some lovely prints from a great etsy shop called MortlockOnslow and have been trying to decide where to hang them.



Ivy’s room is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to share some more as we get more work done.

Give me a comment below if you have any good Instagram/etsy shops to recommend for beautiful homeware.

Becky xx

Part 1 was an IVF post – have a read here if you’re interested in the process. This time I’m cooking actual eggs 😂

While Ivy sleeps in the day I have two modes. 

Mode 1) Run around like an absolute mad woman getting jobs done. 

Mode 2) Sit on the sofa too knackered to do anything except scroll through Instagram and half watch crappy day time TV. 

I’m not going to lie, usually mode 2 wins out but today I decided mode 1 was for me! So, while she had a nap, I cooked up some egg muffins to snack on during the day. 

I used: 

{ 7 eggs / 3 large spoons of cottage cheese / baby plum tomatoes / ham / salt and pepper }

These are so easy to make as you just chuck everything in a bowl and mix them up. You then pour the mixture in silicone muffin trays (I used two trays of 6) and put in an oven at 180• for 15-20 minutes. Job done! 

They are so moorish I don’t know how long they’ll last 🙈

Let me know what you would add in them and how yours turned out if you give them a go.

Becky xx

Since moving in to our new home, I’ve been excitedly planning Ivy’s new room. My initial inspiration was this colour way:

I love it as it can grow with her but also looks like baby girl colours too. 

I found some more inspiration on Pinterest, I mean who doesn’t head there to find the perfect room! 

Pictures taken from Pinterest

I then started to collect little bits and paint up some furniture. The room isn’t finished but here are some sneaky peaks of what we have so far:

I’ll post a full reveal once it’s finished. I can’t wait 💕 

Today I’ve hit week 24. Where has the time gone?!

I had been feeling much better over the past few weeks, apart from some ligament pain and trouble sleeping, but then at the weekend the dreaded cold struck!

Usually with a cold I’d dose up with meds and carry on with life, but with baby on board meds are a no go so dealing with a cold has been pretty grim! A couple of days off work and I am pretty much on the mend now but it’s been tough going. Baby has been wiggling around happily so he/she seems content enough in there!

Tummy is growing slowly. Honestly, it depends what I’m wearing, but I have a found a great dress in my wardrobe that makes me look nice and pregnant and would wear it everyday if I could!
Baby was the size of a Barbie doll last week and the size of an Atlantic puffin this week! Not sure how accurate the sizing is but love to see what random things will pop up next!

Image from Ovia pregnancy app

We have purchased a few things over the last few weeks. Here’s a some bits so far:

  • I had been considering cots in my last post and, although we found loads we liked, for now we have ended up with a second hand cot at £20. I plan to use some Annie Sloan Paris Grey, which is totally safe for babies, and buy a new mattress and bedding. We haven’t collected it yet but I like a good project.
  • As I’ll likely be combination feeding we decided to buy a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine as we’d read and watched some great reviews and it was a great price in the Asda baby event.
  • I have also ordered a baby bouncer. I really wanted the M&P (think I have a bit of an obsession with them!) Starlite Swing but couldn’t justify spending so much when we have lots left to buy! So we decided to go for the M&P (surprise, surprise) Buzz Bouncer 

Nothing much else to report really. Lots more to sort, buy and organise, but we’ve got plenty of time right?!

Becky xx