You want eggs, you go out and buy some from the shop. I want eggs, I need to inject myself with drugs to make them grow!

I said in my last post I had freaked myself out about the injections a little as I’d watched some YouTube videos, but giving myself the first injection was a doddle! I did it on my own (hubby picked that night for a few too many drinks with his dad and brother!) but in hindsight maybe that was a good thing as I didn’t have any distractions!

7 days of injections later and it’s getting easier. I’m becoming a pro at mixing up the injections but still a little rusty at getting the needle in. Last night I ended up with my first war wound and strangely feel ok with it. I think because it’s the first  outward sign that I’ve been giving myself all these injections.


The only real side effect so far is that the tiredness has been wild! Today I was supposed to be stuffing my face with BBQ food at a friend’s but instead I’ve been laid up binging on Netflix. The clinic have said the tiredness will be bad and that it will probably get worse as the injections go on as my body is on overload. They have recommended I drink plenty of water, which is fine apart from the urge to pee every 5 minutes!

The first scan to check my follicles went well so now to wait until Monday to check them again. Fingers crossed they keep growing ๐Ÿ€

IVF Tip #2 – always stay near a toilet as you’ll need to pee a lot!

Becky xx

As I said in myย last post, I would be using Becky’s Place (still not sure I like the name?!) to record some of my IVF journey. I know there are loads of blogs, vlogs (predictive text was adamant that should have been clogs!), websites and IG pages out there, but each journey is different and I think writing it down will help get through it.

Today marks an important day in our journey! Today I take my last cycle suppressant, which means in 3-6 days I’ll be able to start my injections (stims). ย That will be the real start to our IVF journey and I can’t wait! I really never thought I’d be this excited by the prospect of stabbing myself with a needle!

We had our injection training on Friday and I was raring to go.

I practised stabbing myself and it was fine but then today I made mistake number 1 (of which I’m sure there will be many more!) I watched youtube videos! For those that have never aimlessly wandered through youtube watching IVF videos (and why wouldn’t you?!), it is a minefield of woman sharing their experiences and showing you their injections. Some women cry, wince in pain, talk about how much it burns, and generally moan about them. I was super positive it would be fine as I had expertly stabbed myself with no pain, now I have been freaked out! I am sure everyone’s experience is different and I know I need to keep my positive attitude and not be swayed, but I am so easily influenced!

IVF Tip #1 – do not watch youtube videos before you start stims!

We are almost there. The journey to our little cub.

Becky xx

Starting a blog seemed like such a good idea. I thought I could share all the exciting things I got up to with some tips along the way. It didn’t take me long to realised I am not that exciting, I don’t really get up to much and any tips or tricks I had have usually been blogged about by others months ago! 

There are lots of successful blogs out there and when you read them people seem so passionate and confident. I know it’s usually because they are blogging about things that really mean something to them. Beauty and fashion are part of my life but not what I am really, truly passionate about! 

I thought long and hard about whether or not to blog about this but when I started I said Becky’s Place was somewhere I could share my life. The thing that I am most passionate about at the moment is making a baby! 

We have tried for years with no luck. I have been on medication that hasn’t worked. And finally, we are starting our IVF journey. 

Life for me isn’t make up, hair, exciting adventures and projects. Life is medication, injection training and visits to a clinic. It is something that society keeps quiet but actually I don’t want to keep it quiet. I want to share our journey. 

So here it is. My reality.  

If you would like to follow along, I will be blogging about different bits along the way. I have also set up an Instagram account to act as a diary of my journey and to reach out to a huge support network that is available. Find beckysivfdiaryuk on Instagram if you would like to see more. 

I’ll still add in the odd adventure and project along the way as I’ve got to have some fun! 

Becky xx

I just clicked on to the blog through my Instagram account and realised it had been over a month since I last posted! Terrible neglect – call the NSPNB (national society for the protection of neglected blogs ๐Ÿ˜‚)

I thought going back to work and keeping up the blog would be fine. I would be able to manage my time and find interesting things to blog about but it just hasn’t happened! Now that I’m off – teacher perks – I have a few projects I want to do, things I want to buy and adventures I plan on going on so will have lots to blog about finally.

But, for today, it will be a lazy day to enjoy my first day off. A reflexology appointment (which I am loving by the way), sofa, lots of tea, TV and Internet. Perfect way to spend my first day off.

Any other teachers out there who have a lazy day for their first day off? Or any of you who just enjoy lazy days (they are the best aren’t they?)

As always leave a comment below.

Becky xx

Am I the only one who signs up for the gym and then, after a few months, decides that I don’t really like exercise and would rather be vegged on the sofa at home?

This time (along with every other time to be honest!) I decided that I would really give the gym a go and stick with it. Luckily I signed up for the gym with a friend and she is great at getting me motivated! Everyone needs that friend who keeps them in check don’t they and I am so glad I’ve found mine ๐Ÿ˜˜  I’ll admit, there are times we ‘go to the gym’ and actually end up in the hot tub and steam room but we have been making the effort to try different classes.

This week my lovely friend signed us up for body pump. So along I went all bright eyed and bushy tailed thinking we’d jump around to a few songs and get a little out of breath. How wrong was I!!

For those who don’t know, body pump is a class based around weightlifting! Now those who know me, or even those who have seen pictures, will know that I am not the most hench of people. In fact you could probably flick me and I’d fall over as my muscle strength is none existent! But, I gave it my all – lifting, squatting, crunching and press ups. You name it we did it! I had to stop a few times but managed to get through to the end without passing out!

Now, as someone who doesn’t lift anything heavier than my phone and the TV remote, it was a massive achievement for me but I am suffering for my effort! I have muscles that ache that I didn’t even know existed! The hubby, who lifts regularly, made sure I had stretched and drank protein but nothing prepared me for the pain I would feel. Not just the next day but the day after too! My arms have been like dead weights and felt like jelly at times but no pain, no gain I guess.

Would I do it again? Hell yes – in fact we’re booked in again for next week ๐Ÿ˜„

Anyone tried body pump before? Or blindly followed a friend into something new? Give me a shout below and, if you don’t already, give me a follow if you’re interested in how my gym adventure pans out!

Becky xx