Am I the only one who signs up for the gym and then, after a few months, decides that I don’t really like exercise and would rather be vegged on the sofa at home?

This time (along with every other time to be honest!) I decided that I would really give the gym a go and stick with it. Luckily I signed up for the gym with a friend and she is great at getting me motivated! Everyone needs that friend who keeps them in check don’t they and I am so glad I’ve found mine 😘  I’ll admit, there are times we ‘go to the gym’ and actually end up in the hot tub and steam room but we have been making the effort to try different classes.

This week my lovely friend signed us up for body pump. So along I went all bright eyed and bushy tailed thinking we’d jump around to a few songs and get a little out of breath. How wrong was I!!

For those who don’t know, body pump is a class based around weightlifting! Now those who know me, or even those who have seen pictures, will know that I am not the most hench of people. In fact you could probably flick me and I’d fall over as my muscle strength is none existent! But, I gave it my all – lifting, squatting, crunching and press ups. You name it we did it! I had to stop a few times but managed to get through to the end without passing out!

Now, as someone who doesn’t lift anything heavier than my phone and the TV remote, it was a massive achievement for me but I am suffering for my effort! I have muscles that ache that I didn’t even know existed! The hubby, who lifts regularly, made sure I had stretched and drank protein but nothing prepared me for the pain I would feel. Not just the next day but the day after too! My arms have been like dead weights and felt like jelly at times but no pain, no gain I guess.

Would I do it again? Hell yes – in fact we’re booked in again for next week 😄

Anyone tried body pump before? Or blindly followed a friend into something new? Give me a shout below and, if you don’t already, give me a follow if you’re interested in how my gym adventure pans out!

Becky xx