Although I love watching beauty videos on YouTube (especially the lovely Pixiwoo ladies) and spending on new beauty buys, most days I don’t leave myself time to do a full face of make up. I love to look good but I also love to have a little bit more time in bed! With this in mind I thought I would share my two make up essentials that I never leave the house without.

I tend to have regular breakouts or scarring left from these on my chin so need to cover up.


After my morning skincare routine, which currently includes moisturising with my Grandma’s beauty staple of thick Nivea cream, I prime my skin with Benefit POREfessional . I love that this has a little colour so it smooths my face and makes it look a bit healthier and a bit less walking dead!


The primer itself doesn’t help me feel confident enough to leave the house. The spots/scars always get the MAC treatment with my Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20. This is my saviour and covers so well. I feel as though I don’t need anymore coverage with this and can leave the house with primer and concealer alone.



If I’m feeling a bit fancy I might even put on a little mascara but I don’t always get that carried away! 😊 That said when I’m not at work, on special occasions or when we have visitors at work I love getting made up.

What products can you not leave the house without? Does a no make up look fill you with dread or leave you feeling free? As always let me know your thoughts below.

Becky xx

After taking a little break I thought I’d do a bit of a change of pace with my posts today. I have been trying to get myself out of a real funk recently and one thing that still helps is looking at our wedding album.

I didn’t think being married would change anything. I thought we’d bumble along the same with my just having the hassle of changing my last name. Honestly though, something has changed. I can’t really put my finger on what but it feels different. It feels secure. I don’t know if it was the nerves before the wedding that have now settled, but it’s a nice feeling.

I won’t go in to detail about the whole day as it would end up as a mammoth post but I loved planning the little touches and ended up with a look and feel that I was really happy with.









The theme was a sort of woodland/rustic/vintage vibe and it worked so well on a sunny day in a October.

Make Up

Make up wise I chose to do my own with help to get the light smoky look on the eyes. I am so glad I did my homework for a good base as I had a mega cluster of spots that popped up on my chin on the day so really needed the coverage! I went for Armani Luminous Silk in the end, as after LOADS of testers, it sat the best on the skin and photographed well with no flashback. I am obviously biased but I think it looks great in the photos!

I used:

Primer- Benefit Porefessional

Concealer – MAC Prolongwear in NW20 (a bit darker than the foundation shade I usually go for but it sits well on the skin)

Base – Georgio Armani Luminous Silk in 4.5

Bronzer – Collection Bronze Glow Matt Powder in Terracotta

Blush – No7 in Soft Damson

Eyes – Smashbox Eyeshadow Primer / Naked2 Palette / Benefit They’re Real Mascara / Sleek Eau La La Liner in Cocoa 327 / Sleek Brow Pencil in Dark

Lips – Vaseline / Sleek Eau La La Liner in Lingerie 214 / Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Beige Trench 02

Our photographer put loads more pics on his blog here if you want to see more amazing shots of the day (my sister may kill me as she hates the ones of her with no make up but I just love them all!)

Have any fellow bloggers/readers been married recently and still love looking at your pics? Are any of you getting married soon and can’t wait? As always comment below and let me know what’s in your head.

Becky xx


A new everyday foundation – my everyday this past few months has been either just my MAC concealer or No7 Stay Perfect Light but I am not 100% sold on the finish and staying power. I am on the look out for a simple drugstore foundation that has great coverage and finish but is light enough to use everyday. Any recommendations would be muchly appreciated 😊

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation – I am always on the lookout for a good foundation and although 2015 is about finding the best drugstore buy I am also coveting this bad boy. Kim K allegedly wore this on her wedding day so what better advertisement is there 😜

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed – my skin has been all over the place this last year and my aim is to find something that will bring it back to its relatively blemish free state. I read a great review on this and and now it is on my new year wish list. Also the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Detox Mask featured in a another recent review I liked so this has sneaked its way on to my wish list too!


Too Faced Chocolate Bar – For the past year I have been in an (almost) monogamous relationship with my Naked2 palette by Urban Decay. As much as I love it I do feel as though I need to branch out in to new territories and have heard great things about the Chocolate Bar palette.


Lipsticks in general as these aren’t really my thing! I have a couple that I wear but more often than not I go out without lipstick and just some lip balm on. MAC lipsticks in particular are on my radar this year.


A lot of my polishes have been chipping after only a couple of days wear so a new long lasting top coat is a must this year. Not sure on a brand that can deliver this so if anyone can recommend something I would LOVE you!


Dior Addict – this is an acquired smell and not everyone will like this. On first spray it is very strong but as it settles it becomes a musky bold scent that I just love. It has been years since I owned this so 2015 is the year to bring it back!


Lush bath bombs – again these haven’t been seen in my bathroom for years but I want to give some of these little beauties another chance. First things first though, I need to get a good bathroom cleaner and give the bath a good scrub!

What products are you planning on venturing out to buy this year? Have you tried and loved (or loathed) any on my list? As always you know where the comment box is (it’s under the post just in case you forgot!) 🙂

Becky xx

I have a confession to make… I, Rebecca Lyons, don’t clean my make up brushes! I know, I know they are a breeding ground for bacteria but I just never seem to have time. I have cleaned my brushes twice in the past year but that is definitely going to change!

Recently I have noticed loads of spots around my chin and the more I apply concealer the more spots seem to appear! I have a good skincare routine so have decided to blame the brushes. What a meany I am blaming brushes when it is really my fault for not giving them a good clean. So today I let them have a nice soapy bath.


I started by giving them a rinse with lukewarm water.




Then I used baby shampoo and massaged the bristles carefully.




Once I’d rinsed them thoroughly I dried them off on a towel before leaving them at an angle to dry.


Leaving them like this is really important so water doesn’t get in the brush head and dissolve the glue. Shedding bristles and bald brushes are not your friend!




As I had all my brushes out I thought I would share my top 5. I am a recent convert to make up brushes. I used to use my fingers to apply everything except blusher but after discovering the world of YouTube videos I invested in some great brushes. I could recommend them all but decided just to go for my favourite 5.

5. Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush

I love this brush for blending my bronzer and blush. I always apply them with other brushes then blend with this as it doesn’t pick up lots of product. The fibres are soft and blend product brilliantly.

4. Precision Beauty Angled Blush Brush

I bought this as I was looking for an angled brush to apply my bronzer with. The bristles aren’t quite as soft as some of my other brushes but I still love it as it applies my bronzer just where I need it.

3. Topshop Eyes Brush

I actually set out to buy either Real Techniques or MAC brushes for my eyes but found myself browsing the Topshop make up stand. The sales assistant told me their brushes are made in the same place as MAC brushes so are of equal quality. I don’t know how true this is but my word do I love this brush! A great shape, size and softness this brush is one I would invest in again.

2. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Ok so while this is not technically a brush I do choose this over using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 9 times out of 10. It applies foundation with a really even coverage and allows me to build up layers well. A little tip I was given to dampen the sponge before using works amazingly well and is what what really makes this a winner for me.

1. Eco tools Concealer Brush

This is my all time favourite brush as it applies concealer perfectly every time. The shape of the bristles makes it perfect for pushing concealer in to the skin and leaving a really smooth finish. I loved this even more after my wedding day as I woke up with 3 of the biggest spots on my chin that are invisible on my pictures thanks to this bad boy and MAC Prolongwear Concealer.

I’d love to hear about some of your favourite brushes and any tips on keeping them clean and germ free. Be sure to comment below