…back again. Becky’s back. Tell a friend. 

Slim Shady. Anyone? I had that song in my head since hearing it on the radio the other day. 

After a very long break on the blog I’ve realised I missed writing and wanted to get back into it. 

There is a reason I’ve been away though. I had a baby. An impatient baby that decided to show up 11 weeks early! So my plans for pregnancy related posts, birth stories and baby updates all went out of the window and were replaced with making the hospital my new home, learning to tube feed and understand medical speak. 

Thankfully she is doing amazingly well and to look at my chunky little 5 month old you’d never know that her arms and legs were as thin as my hubby’s fingers at one point! 

I plan to restart the blog properly soon with a little revamp. I’ll still blog projects and beauty buys but I’ll also share baby buys and mum life. I’ll be rethinking the name of the blog too so if you have any suggestions let me know below. 

For now I’ll leave you with som photos of my little Ivy May born at 29 weeks 💕

Hello to all the new followers I seem to have accumulated over the last 2 days. If I’d have realised blogging about Lush stuff would cause such a frenzy I’d have included more along the way! 😊

For those who are new to the blog, get used to a lot of random posts. Yes some beauty will pop up, but at the moment a lot of baby related posts will also fit in the mix as it is pretty important in my life at the moment! Hope you enjoy a bit of my life and the randomness that lives inside my head! 

As its sale time and we are now officially half way through the pregnancy, me and hubby thought we would go and look at some prams! It’s such a big purchase that we want to get right, but honestly had no idea where to start. I’d love it if someone could just tell us which one to get! 

After looking in the Internet, talking to friends and stalking pram pushers in the high street to read the brand in the side of prams I liked, we had a few ideas on some we’d like to look at. 

We took a little trip to Toys R Us, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare, thinking Mamas and Papas would be a quick pit stop as weren’t bowled over by there products for the prices they charge! But we fell I love with one from their range 😍

The Armadillo Flip XT travel system. Amazing! We felt that at £720 for the bundle it was a good value sale offer for the spec. But we are total newbies so might be completely wrong! 

It seems so much more stylish (less alien spaceship type than some!) and better quality than others. Although I like the real, I think the navy looks a bit more classic and is hubby’s favourite too. I had originally thought I wanted a Silver Cross but the one we tried looked and felt very cheap. 


The ideal would be an Uppababy Vista and although we haven’t tried it, it seems perfect! But it stretches the budget a little too far 😬

So what to buy? We are leaning towards putting out deposit down at Mamas and Papas at the weekend unless something else pops up between now and then. 

Any recommends on great travel systems that are value for money but have great style as well? 

Anything we should definitely avoid? 

Becky xx