What a week it has been! I have always let work get in the way of my hobbies and I guess I have used it as an excuse not to do things in the past. I was determined to break this cycle with my blog but this week I have been so shattered my midweek blog post got lost somewhere along the way!

As much as work is my nemesis, it was also responsible for a lovely little London trip this week. As a small town girl I have always been a bit intimidated by the big city. Bustling crowds, blaring horns and people who seem to just see straight past you have always made me a little nervous, but I love the diversity of London.


Oxford Street

When I finished my course I had ages to wait for my train so decided to go to Oxford Street and my word does it look and feel amazing at Christmas!




There was only one place I wanted to go, so I pushed through the sea of people, while mesmerised by the beautiful lights, to Selfridges. Once inside I headed straight for the make up counters. Heaven!

image image image

I have wanted to buy a Georgio Armani Luminous Silk since I used the sample on my wedding day for the perfect base. The sales girl was amazing and really helped make sure the shade was perfect (as I was torn between two) and even gave a sample to use before I opened the bottle just in case.

It is definitely my favourite foundation of all time as it covers really well and the packaging looks great on my dressing table. However, after spending more on a foundation than I ever have before, I had to browse the other counters without buying anything else. So many things on my wish list now!

After managing to drag myself away I headed back to Kings Cross with my little yellow bag and a smile on my face 😊


Do you love the big city bustle or find it a bit too much at times? What is on your make up counter wish list? As always leave a comment below as I’d love to hear from you.