When getting ready in the morning, we could all do with an easy skincare routine to follow. As a busy mum, I definitely need something quick and simple.

I have recently made changes to the skincare products I use, and now have new skincare essentials that I use daily.

My new morning skincare routine only has 4 products that are quick and easy to use, and smell great.



I start with cleansing my face using Angels on Bare Skin from Lush. Ground almonds, lavender and rose are it’s main ingredients. So not only does it smell lush, it exfoliates and calms the skin in one. It’s a solid cleaner that you have to massage in to a paste before rubbing onto the skin. Then you simply wash it off with warm water and pat the skin dry. I like to use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water to just wipe of any left over cleanser before drying the skin, which gives my face another light exfoliation too.



I then tone with the Pore Minimising Tonic from Your Good Skin. It helps me wipe away any left over grime, without being too harsh on the skin. I just use a cotton pad, though I am keen to explore reusable pads to cut down on some of my waste this year.



I love the Skin Balancing Concentrate from Your Good Skin. I use this before I moisturise just to even out any imbalances in my skin. I’ve found that since adding this in to my routine, I have had less dry patches on my face. I just use two pumps and massage it in to my skin.



I then moisturise using the Vitamin Enriched Face Base from Bobbi Brown. I love this moisturiser as it has Shea Butter in which leaves the skin plumped and cushioned. It leaves a great base for make up, or just a matte look for those make up free days.


And that’s it! How quick and easy does that sound? I’ve filmed the routine for my YouTube channel so you can see how simple it is. I’ll link the video below so it’s easy for you to watch too!



Let me know if you have any tips for making your morning skincare routine quick and easy. And also, if you have any products that you can’t live without and think I should check out.


Little Big Love


Rebecca xx


Disclaimer: I was sent the Your Good Skin products last year as part of their #28daychallenge to review on Instagram. All opinions about the products are entirely my own and not influenced by the fact that they were gifted to me. I continue to use the products several months on, without incentive to do so. 

I’m sure I’ve banged on about my skin in a lot of posts since I started the blog but it is a real bug bare for me! Although my skin wasn’t flawless and I suffered from the odd spot and blemish it was in reasonably good condition. Over the past year, however, my skin has broken out and I’ve had some really bad (for me) clusters of spots around my chin and on my forehead, along with lots of little white spots under the surface of the skin and tons more blackheads.

I have experimented with a few well known products and I honestly think the Clinque and Liz Earle ranges made it worse. But you can’t go wrong with the natural ingredients from Lush.


Mask of Magnaminty smells very fresh and pepperminty, not surprising really as its packed with peppermint oil! It has a grainy texture and a lovely colour that makes me look like I should be in the cast of Wicked when I wear it 😉 It gently tingles for the entire time you wear it, which for me was around 15 minutes, and I like the fact the feeling doesn’t wear off like some heated masks do.


The removal was not as nice as the tingling before it though! As with lots of Lush products it was a messy affair to get rid of it but once I had wet and massaged my face, and cleaned the sink of the gritty green gunk, I had lovely soft skin that felt cleaner and more refreshed. I love the fact that it exfoliates as you remove it to get rid of the grimy skin and dirt – this leaves to softest feeling on your skin. I would probably recommend a flannel or muslin cloth to help remove it, which I’ll definitely do next time!

I aim to use this once a week so we will see if it makes any difference to my skin in the long term.

Do you have any favourite face masks that you swear buy to settle problem skin? Or maybe a favourite Lush product? As always stick a comment in the box below and share your thoughts 😊

Becky xx