So as some of you may (or may not) have noticed, I have been missing from the blog for a little while. I have needed to take a little bit of time out to get myself feeling more positive. I have posted before about how hard that can be for me here.

I have taken a bit of time off work on the advice of my doctor and am slowly starting to feel a bit more human. Getting upset constantly and crying so much I can’t breathe at some points, had to stop so I finally accepted I needed some space. I can’t keep pretending I’m ok when I’m not.

I have tried to write posts a few times while I have been off but I’ve found it really difficult to write when all I want to do is pull the duvet over my head and hide from the world. This video is a good example of how it feels sometimes. However, I have to remember that a big part of this blog was to connect with people and giver an outlet even when I wasn’t feeling like it in the ‘real world’.

I have started yoga and using some meditation breathing exercises in the hope that a bit of relaxation will help me feel much better but a bit of breathing and stretching can’t fix my problems over night. I think my main issue is I know what I want in life but struggle with the motivation to do it, then get upset that I haven’t done it! I am also struggling with some things that seem out of control at the moment but I’m not going to let my issues rule my life. Instead I’m going to stop over thinking and start doing!