#blogtober16 Day 14 {The Meaning Behind my Blog Name}

I used to write my posts on another blog but I was never happy with the name. I started off as Becky’s Place as it was my place to write all about what made me tick. But, it just wasn’t catchy enough for me and never felt right. 

When I became a mum I wanted to blog more seriously. I wanted to connect with other parents and share experiences. I decided the old blog was just too disjointed and wouldn’t represent me as a mum, so I decided to launch something new.

I played around with a lot of names but I finally settled on Little, Big and Me as that’s what life is all about. Me and my family.

I take so many pictures of us that I could literally share hundreds more, but this is us. My Little, Big and Me. 

What was the inspiration for your blog name? Have you ever changed/thought about changing it? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx


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