#blogtober16 Day 15 {Spend a day with me}

Today’s prompt was to write a timeline of my day. When I started jotting it down I realised how different each day was, but how we still try to keep to the same routine. This is how most of our days pan out…

6.30am – I get woken by my alarm, you know the one that comes through the baby monitor! Usually she’s just having a shout so I either leave her to wriggle in her cot for a while or bring her in to bed for a sleepy cuddle.

7.00am – 8.00am – Take Little downstairs to change her and have some playtime. She’s always really happy in the mornings and we get lots of smiles. I make a cup of tea for myself while I prep her breakfast. I feed Little then attempt to drink my, now freezing cold, tea.

8.30am – Once I’ve mopped up all the sick, change Little and have some playtime.

9.00am – Clean up more sick. Tears. Attempt playtime to distract her from crying. She can be a grumpy little madam!

10.30am – Nap time for Little. On a good day I can get her down in her cot for her nap. On a tear my hair out day I have to hold her as every time I attempt to put her down she wakes up! I sometimes attempt a hot cuppa here and some breakfast too if I’m lucky.

11.30am – Dinner time for Little. She eats some sort of pureed/mashed fruit or veg, toast or half an Ella’s Kitchen pouch.

12.30-3.30pm – A repeat of the morning. Change of clothes, mopping up sick, tears and a nap. I might tidy up, try and eat and scroll through social media if I can set her down to play on her own. On a good day she’ll go nap for an hour or two and I get some much needed freedom!

4.00pm – Tea time. More mashed veg, another Ella’s pouch or a new Babease pouch which she now loves! 

4.30-6.30pm – It’s like Groundhog Day as it’s a repeat of the rest of the day. Sick, tears and distracting her with toys!

6.30pm – Bathtime for Little. She usuall  has bath time with Big and it’s lovely to see her smiling away while she spends time with him. The bath aftermath is not so lovely as she hates getting dry and changed so we have a screaming child that wriggles round like a bloody octopus!

7.00pm – Bottle for Little and, if she isn’t too cranky for Big, I might just get to watch Emmerdale. As part of our bed time routine, Little goes down to bed after her bottle. She usually settles well. Unless it’s a Wednesday when Big goes to football and its my turn to do bed time. Then she fights sleep and I miss Emmerdale 🙁

8.00pm – Big and I will sit down to eat and watch some telly. Bottles get sterilised and a little tidy round. After a full on day its nice to spend some quality time together. Both sitting on the sofa on our phones ignoring each other!

9.30pm – Usually too tired to function so end up in bed!

1.00-2.00am – Little wakes for feed. On a good night she’ll go straight down and I’ll get some beauty sleep. On a not so good night she’ll be up 2-3 more times before breakfast.

That’s a typical day. Some days we go out, some days we stay in, most days we just muddle through until bed time!

What does your day look like? Any tips with essential parts of your routine that make your day run smoother?

Little Big Love

Becky xx


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