#blogtober16 Day 7 {Why I started blogging}

I got into blogging originally because I went through a stage of buying all the things and decided I wanted somewhere to write about them. My first post introduced me and what I was about. I enjoyed trying out new products and writing honest reviews of things if bought. I saw myself as a bit of a beauty blogger and dreamed of being sent lots of products to review but I really just faffed with the blog now and again! I 

After a while it became somewhere to share things about myself. I enjoyed blogging about the ups and downs of life and treated it a bit like an online diary. I felt like I could open up about things that I didn’t share in real life, like my post admitting that life wasn’t ok.  This coincided with finding a really supportive community on Instagram where I could be very open about our fertility struggles and IVF. Instagram sort of became my mini blog and I neglected the blog. 

More recently I realised that I wanted to pick the blog back up again to write about parenting and connect with other parent bloggers. After looking back over the old I realised that it had kind of lost its identity. I decided to be brave, say bye to it and launch Little, Big and Me. 

I now feel like I’ve got a renewed love for blogging! I’m really enjoying building up content, through the help of Blogtober, and finding new ways to connect with others. 

What brought you to blogging? 

Little Big Love

Becky xx


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