Bye bye Blogtober16

As you’ll probably have noticed, my #blogtober16 posts have been somewhat lacking this past week!

After a hectic weekend with our hospital visit and a couple of KIT (keeping in touch) days at work, my time to sit down and write some scheduled posts have gone out of the window! 

As I said in my inside my fridge post, I am not the best housewife so any change to routine really throws me out. I’ve been chasing my tail catching up with housework and trying to contain a cheeky 7.5 month old who has now taken to rolling everywhere and is attempting to crawl! 

I’ve loved taking part in blogtober, and do plan on writing some posts around a couple of the left over prompts, but for now I’m out. Such a shame as I was determined to get one of those large chocolate bars that Hex Mum promised! 

I know that having started something I should really be finishing it. One of Mrs Meldrum’s rules for vlogging, which definitely applies here, is to do what you say you’re going to do. So I do feel a little like I’ve failed, but we are all human! Does that cut it as an excuse?! 

If you’ve been living under a rock this month and haven’t noticed #blogtober16, click in the button to have a look at some of the more successful blogger posts. 


Now my days are getting back to normal I’m planning a few reviews, but I’d like to know what others want to see. Leave a comment below of there’s a post you’d really like to see from Little, Big and Me. 
Little Big Love

Becky xx


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