Group antenatal class VS socially awkward preggo! 

Yesterday marked our first antenatal class and at just over 27 weeks pregnant we were keen to find out a bit more about all this baby stuff. 

Having found out this week that I have gestational diabetes, we know baby could end up being delivered early due to complications so it seems like no time at all before we will be mummy and daddy to our own little human. 

The class was a whirlwind of introductions to the group and very brief rundown of diet and exercise to get us started. I’m looking forward to finding out more, especially because hubby and I have no idea what to do with a newborn! 

The downside to the class is that it is a group session with total strangers. I am so socially awkward and extremely shy when I first meet people (which is surprising for some people when they know my profession) that it was hard to feel comfortable at first. When asked to chat to a stranger and then tell the group all about him I blushed like a beetroot and fumbled my words. Once I’m a bit more familiar I’m lots more confident and the group seemed lovely so hoping over the weeks it will get better. Hubby was fine – he has verbal diarrhoea and is never stuck for what to say so he acts as a bit of a comfort blanket most of the time. 

Roll on the next few weeks when we learn about preparing for birth,  delivery and beyond. 

We are having a baby 😬

Becky xx
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