Here I am

So for a while I have been reading blogs and watching youtube channels thinking that it is something I would like to do. Today is the day I start my journey of online blogging!

What sort of blog is this? A bit of everything! I love to read beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs and want this to echo some of my favourites, while showing you who I am and what I am about. My life is hectic with a full-time role in a school but I don’t want this to be about work, I want it to be about life. I also want others to shape what the blog is about so requests for posts and discussions will be more than welcomed.

One thing I would ask is that, although I appreciate constructive criticism as a way of developing, please be kind! If you don’t like something then there is a simple solution – stop reading 🙂 That being said I welcome peoples’ views and hope to meet some new and interesting people along the way!

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