How do you like your eggs in the morning…?

…I like mine fertilised! 

And fertilised eggs we have. 10 of them to be exact. 10 little embryos that are at the one cell stage. I know the odds of them all making it aren’t the best but I’m holding out hope that they will all grow well. 

To get to this point I had to have the eggs collected yesterday. I got to wear the sexiest gown and pink clogs to go down to theatre in before I was sedated!

The socks were from the #ttcluckycharmexchange I mentioned in my last post 😊

I have felt ok since. I didn’t expect to but I have. It’s an unnerving feeling, almost like things are going too well! My mum told me not to worry and just enjoy it but I am a worrier at heart! The only symptoms I’ve had so far are feelings of pressure in my abdomin, particularly when I sit down and some back ache but I think that’s to be expected after having a huge needle stuck up your bits! 😂  
My ovaries are still likely to be swollen for the next couple of weeks, so still got to take it easy. Probably shouldn’t have booked to go to the dentist today then but it’s just as important to look after my teeth as it is my swollen ovaries! 

Our next call about the embryos is Saturday. Hoping they are all going strong 🍀 If they are anything like my weightlifting hubby they will be! 💪🏻

IVF Tip #4 – Prepare to look like a complete dork on egg collection day. Oh and get some quirky socks to make the look even better 😂

Becky xx

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