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My name is Becky and I’m an Instagram Addict!

Although I only started Little, Big and Me recently, I have blogged for a couple of years. I have always been a very occasional blogger and have tended to pick it up and put it down as I felt motivated. But, the one thing I’ve always kept up with isΒ Instagram.


I spend far too much time scrolling through people’s pages, liking and commenting on photos and replying to comments on my photos. I find I can get lost in those little squares sometimes and Β I have my phone in my hand more than I should some days! Although its not all bad, Instagram is a form of social media that I find really positive (most of the time!)

There is a fantastic community of people on there who share stories, experiences and their lives. I first met an amazing community of women who were going through fertility issues. I was able to share my diary of my fertility treatment with a group of people who really understood. The support was invaluable, especially when people around me in ‘real life’ couldn’t understand. Many of those on the fertility journey have now become part of this fantastic community of parents that exists in Instagram too. Again it has become a place to discuss all things mum and see snapshots of life from some beautiful babies as they grow and develop.

I love to share parts of daily life and the fact that its so instant really helps. Unlike blog posts that need writing, editing, and links adding, among other things. I also really enjoy the comments and likes (I’m a bit of a like whore) from such a wide range of people. It enables conversations to open with people around the world, and closer to home too.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve actually met some lovely people through Instagram that I would call my friends. I’ve been able to connect with people in real life, through friendships made in squares of photos online!

So yes I’m an Instagram Addict, but it’s had a great affect on my life so far.

Here are some of my favourite Instgram photos I’ve posted:



As you can see, there is a bit of a theme! Well it is all about Little, Big and Me after all!

What is your Instagram username? Come follow me and give me a comment on a picture you enjoy.

Little Big Love

Becky xx

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  1. November 10, 2016 / 7:43 am

    I have had an Instagram account for a few years but didn’t really understand how to use it. When I was signed off sick from work in January I was going stir crazy alone in the house all day. It was so wintery and I was in a lot of pain so I didn’t go out much and it always seemed dark outside. The days felt so long. I started looking at Instagram a bit more and using the hashtags to find people. It really saved me from becoming depressed I’m sure. I have found such a wide community of women going through the same journey as me and the community continues to grow. I love it when I find someone who I have loads in common with and we have so many mutual followers and we are both say, ‘how did it take us so long to find each other?!’ I have made so many great friends through Instagram. People who have supported me for the past 11 months without even really realising it.

    Great post as always Becky. How amazing is that photo of the blastocyst? And Little when she is only 4lbs and comes home to you. OMG it’s hard to comprehend how much she has grown and changed.


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