Lazy Days

I just clicked on to the blog through my Instagram account and realised it had been over a month since I last posted! Terrible neglect – call the NSPNB (national society for the protection of neglected blogs 😂)

I thought going back to work and keeping up the blog would be fine. I would be able to manage my time and find interesting things to blog about but it just hasn’t happened! Now that I’m off – teacher perks – I have a few projects I want to do, things I want to buy and adventures I plan on going on so will have lots to blog about finally.

But, for today, it will be a lazy day to enjoy my first day off. A reflexology appointment (which I am loving by the way), sofa, lots of tea, TV and Internet. Perfect way to spend my first day off.

Any other teachers out there who have a lazy day for their first day off? Or any of you who just enjoy lazy days (they are the best aren’t they?)

As always leave a comment below.

Becky xx

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