Let’s cook some eggs – Part Two

Part 1 was an IVF post – have a read here if you’re interested in the process. This time I’m cooking actual eggs 😂

While Ivy sleeps in the day I have two modes. 

Mode 1) Run around like an absolute mad woman getting jobs done. 

Mode 2) Sit on the sofa too knackered to do anything except scroll through Instagram and half watch crappy day time TV. 

I’m not going to lie, usually mode 2 wins out but today I decided mode 1 was for me! So, while she had a nap, I cooked up some egg muffins to snack on during the day. 

I used: 

{ 7 eggs / 3 large spoons of cottage cheese / baby plum tomatoes / ham / salt and pepper }

These are so easy to make as you just chuck everything in a bowl and mix them up. You then pour the mixture in silicone muffin trays (I used two trays of 6) and put in an oven at 180• for 15-20 minutes. Job done! 

They are so moorish I don’t know how long they’ll last 🙈

Let me know what you would add in them and how yours turned out if you give them a go.

Becky xx

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