Let’s cook some eggs…

You want eggs, you go out and buy some from the shop. I want eggs, I need to inject myself with drugs to make them grow!

I said in my last post I had freaked myself out about the injections a little as I’d watched some YouTube videos, but giving myself the first injection was a doddle! I did it on my own (hubby picked that night for a few too many drinks with his dad and brother!) but in hindsight maybe that was a good thing as I didn’t have any distractions!

7 days of injections later and it’s getting easier. I’m becoming a pro at mixing up the injections but still a little rusty at getting the needle in. Last night I ended up with my first war wound and strangely feel ok with it. I think because it’s the first  outward sign that I’ve been giving myself all these injections.


The only real side effect so far is that the tiredness has been wild! Today I was supposed to be stuffing my face with BBQ food at a friend’s but instead I’ve been laid up binging on Netflix. The clinic have said the tiredness will be bad and that it will probably get worse as the injections go on as my body is on overload. They have recommended I drink plenty of water, which is fine apart from the urge to pee every 5 minutes!

The first scan to check my follicles went well so now to wait until Monday to check them again. Fingers crossed they keep growing 🍀

IVF Tip #2 – always stay near a toilet as you’ll need to pee a lot!

Becky xx


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