Planning baby’s nursery – where do we start? 

As I mentioned in my pram post, there is so much choice when it comes to baby things! However, with us not finding out the sex of the baby it does narrow it down a little. 

When choosing our pram we saw some gorgeous nursery furniture sets in Mamas and Papas, but some of them were a little expensive!  

Images from Mamas and Papas website


You can really go crazy when it comes to buying for baby, but we are on a budget and need to rein it in a little. It doesn’t help that the hubby has expensive tastes – it’s a good job I am sensible! 

When searching online, I’ve found some really lovely sets. Another one we liked was the Mamas and Papas Rocco at Argos. Which was great value at about £349 but has now gone back up to £799!!  

Image from Argos website  

I’ve also found some lovely bits at Mothercare, which has some great deals at the moment . I love this chair but unfortunately it definitely wouldn’t fit in the room we have earmarked.  


I also like this set from IKEA.  

Image from IKEA website    

Colour wise we are going grey (as we have paint left over from decorating our living room!) And I have seen some nice bedding and curtain sets that would look great for either boy or girl (although I’m still convinced there is a boy in there!)

Images from Mamas and Papas website/taken myself at Next Lincoln. 

So many decisions to make that I want to get right for our little bean. 

What have been your best nursery buys? Any must haves, especially for a small room?

Becky xx


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