Weaning Adventure

For the past couple of months we’ve been weaning Little. I wrote about starting out on my old blog if you want a little read, but now we’ve been at it a while I feel like we need to be a bit more brave. 

Ivy loves her purées! We’ve mainly used Ella’s Kitchen pouches and the mum guilt has kicked in a little over not trying her with home cooked food often enough. Why does that inner voice always have to rear it’s ugly head?! I’m not knocking the Ella’s pouches as they are amazing and have nothing but good stuff in them, and in all honesty they are probably better for her than anything I could concoct! But I feel like she needs experience with more ‘real’ food.

So, I’ve decided to try a little more BLW over the next few weeks. Little still struggles to hold things and get them in her mouth, due to her early start in life meaning she isn’t as physically developed as she should be for her age. I worry that she won’t get much out of it but I’ve looked up lots of little recipes and I’m just going to go for it. Gagging will happen but I like to think I’m quite relaxed and can remain calm while she finds her feet. 

Anyone out there have any tips for BLW recipes? I’d love to find some simple recipes to make that are easy to take out and about too. 
Little Big Love 
Becky xx


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